"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Friday, March 23, 2012

the Bigfoot-Ancient Alien connection- solved!

Watching tonight's episode of Ancient Aliens as a bunch of cryptozoologists theorize what's up with Sasquatch and why can't we catch 'em,  I'm quickly signing on to add some aspects they forgot:

1. Our DNA is tampered down, which is to say a lot of our 'junk DNA' is disconnected. We're like parrots with clipped wings, while Bigfoot's are unclipped. If we could access all 100% of our brain, 'turn on' the dormant DNA, we could do some of the things Bigfoot does, such us 'skipping' through time, being able to wink in and out of existence (and thus avoid capture). In fact this is why they are so evasive... they're on the run if you will, from the castrating scissors of the greys. Another metaphor would be when the IT guy comes to upgrade your laptop at work and in the process 'upgrades' you to not be able to access the internet anymore --the bosses thought access was reducing output. The Bigfoot is technically and older more primitive model but can still access the internet, so when the IT guys knock on his door he just vanishes into the bathroom with his laptop until they've moved on. Eventually his software is so incompatible with the the company's continually upgraded mainframe that he's not even registered as an employee. He's seen only once in awhile--late at night--by a scared cleaning lady who walks in on him in the bathroom.

2. The story of the great flood and all that - the Annunaki wanted to wipe out the last race of ape-grey gene splice gold mining slaves (the big Nephilim/bigfoot/Goliath/titans) and start again because they made us in their image and likeness and with many of their powers, their ability to tap into the higher dimensions of consciousness (there are nine total), to vibrate their Kundalini energy in and out of existence and forward and backwards through time, and into alternate dimensions. So when this earlier gigantic race learned how to 'wink out' they no longer wanted to mine gold for their masters. They had the power to hide, and went on the run. The next wave of hybrids had these aspects of the brain shut off, the wings clipped, and were smaller--less uppity, more easily impressed by light shows.

But the cleansing flood couldn't reach the high up mountains, which is why the bigfoot and yeti are often found up there.

3. The reason Bigfoots are sometimes witnessed getting into and out of UFOs is explainable as either a kind of bigfoot terminator or traitor, working to infiltrate the bigfoot colonies, or various 'friendly' alien visitors--the equivalent of, say, Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. The bigfoots on UFOs would be like the old Apache trackers signed on with the US Cavalry to help them hunt other tribes. Some Native Americans were eager to leave their tribal way of life, become Christians- - that's something our apologist liberal literature forgets, preferring to go the other way in focus (the Costner)

Riding with the wolf metaphor then, this taps into what I talk about on this site re the common snide dismissal of contemporary lack of evidence alien visitation, etc. "Why don't they land on the White House lawn?" It's like saying if we want to research wolf packs in Alaska why don't we go into their den and challenge the alpha male to a snarling contest then wag our tail and let them sniff our crotch? Instead we do what the aliens do, zap them with a tranq dart, haul them into our mobile lab, tag them with a tracking chip so we can study migration habits, draw a blood sample, measure them head to tail, weigh them, look at their teeth, take some photos and DNA samples, and release them back into the wild with no explanation or apology to their pack. But there are also humans who hunt them from helicopters, so forgive them if they think we're all evil and to be avoided, hidden from, which is not hard as they can smell us coming from miles away.

How do I know all this? I asked my 'channeled' guru panther animal spirit guide! Believe it or not, that's what he 'told' me, in the weird non-linguistic way that spirit guides will where you ask your question while in a trance and "remember" being told the answer as a child or a dream or all along time's spectrum. Now, he's quite a trickster as I've learned on more than one occasion. But this all makes a lot more sense than some of the daffy theories they had on tonight's episode, so I'm posting it here. Make of it what you will, and remember, the truth is so strange no language can encompass it, so never be afraid to leave language at the door when entering the higher planes!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Reptilian Apocalypse Art: A Curation

Diana of Ephesus and the Slaves (1893–98). - G.A. Sartorio

Diana of Ephesus must have been a reptilian then, 'cuz she's green and wearing a very funky vestment. Then again to have that many slaves you got to be in the inner carnivore circle.

Luca Signorelli's The Damned Cast Into Hell, c. 1500 AD
There's a guy down there with a green ass! And one with the green chest and head of bull.

c. Justin Maller

This work by Justin Maller is strangely similar to a mystic vision I had over the course of two nights. The first night, I was at peace in this beautiful third universe / alternate dimension, assured love and light and eternal joy was mine for the stepping into, whenever I could spend a few minutes in lotus position inhaling mystic incense et al -- the second night I eagerly went 'back' and saw the gorgeous sky above paradise had this dark inky cloud stain and there wasn't anyone left around to 'talk' to except one frail voice that was like "you were gone so long, we could have used your help..." Dude, outside of space / time, a 24 hour period for us can be 24 million years for them -- and vice versa. We're waiting for the gods to return to us after being gone from our planet for hundreds of thousands of years, but to them they just went away for the weekend. They're on their way back to see how the experiment has progressed, and boy will they be shocked!

Reptilian clutching man, from "Vigeland's Strange Art in Oslo"

Erich Kuersten - Collage "Enki Makes the Man"

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anthropoloigical Amnesia: Don't Look into the Draco-camera!

"Any discovery can make us change the way we look at history." -- The History Channel

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the Big Question: I remember hearing even as a child that children forget their memories of early infancy so I made great efforts to remember them as a child of four or five remembering being two and three, and so on. So this question I remember pondering while lounging on my parent's bed, watching my mom change, get ready for various parties, putting on her wig (back then people wore wigs which they kept in big hatboxes on styrofoam heads, at least that's how I remember it). I was able to understand that I 'came out' of my mom, though the actual biology of it was muddled, I had no problem with it, and that was why I had some of her characteristics. But how did I have my father's?

She evaded a direct answer and I formulated an opinion that involved love acting as some radio transmitter of bio-detail. But it never quite gelled. Just 'loving each other' wasn't enough, it didn't explain things. Pondering that mystery is how we mature, it's where detective stories come from, we never really get a full answer.

That's how I feel about the issue of evolution. The answer mainstream science gives us reminds me of my mom's evasive "we just loved each other" answer, that's the Darwin approach. The answer the Christians give is the radio transmitter Erich theorem; each makes a lot less sense than what we will later find out to be true. Our evolution from apes-- 'our mother'---is  clear enough from our cursory resemblance, but the father element--who and how--has never been adequately explained. Who did our ape mother "love"?

Not long ago I had a mystical vision wherein a jet black evil alien source ripped back the delusional surface of our linear temporal reality, like a Mad magazine gatefold opening back out to show the full picture, showing whole chapters missing from our history, our history books printed with aliens as fact not fiction incorporated into all facets of human history, I mean the same edition there on the shelves turning instantly into something else. This is a history of genetic time ripple manipulation; our shared personal collective myth-history-memory altered to have included awareness of spiritual parasitical thievery and alien tampering since the dawn of time. It's always been there, on a higher level, and now we've evolved to the point we are finally able to see it, and that's the whole reason it's there to begin with, to make us want to evolve to see what we can't see otherwise. The question after where do babies come from is why. Why do babies come from? They come from you needing to ask.

After all, to reach the next level on a video game we don't change the disc. The information is dormant inside the disc already, waiting to be unlocked. If our reality could be said to be like that disc, we started with the level 'Stone Age' and worked up to 'Atomic Age' and next is 'Biotech' as we learn to modify and access our brains via mind-expanding interface technology, i.e. a movie you watch via connecting a chip into your own IT port, as per the science fiction of William Gibson, and somewhere before or after that, is the revelation of the galactic brotherhood, still waiting inside the disc for us to unlock whatever lock they're waiting to hear click before they extend their hearty handclasps and everyone starts currying our favor in their long-standing war.

Who knows, maybe we'll wake up one day and headlines wont say "Alien Menace Revealed as Truth" it will skip all that and presume we've always known and suddenly we will have always known and never even remember a time when our evil alien masters weren't in charge. The first headline of the new order will say "Current Reign of Aliens over Humans alleged to have begun in 1967."

Of course this all speculation, mere right-brained vision quest feedback, but if it feels true, maybe it is. Certainly once you admit the reality of alien visitations--even in theory--a whole vast nest of unpleasant concerns opens itself up, and that's the only thing that explains the reason, I think, that debunkers feel such a need to prove it's all hoaxes and hallucinations, and the military does us a favor in denying all.

Same with atheists... what's the deal with their need to tell everyone there's no god, or to even pronounce themselves atheists? Do you need to pronounce and announce you don't like celery at the grocery store, slapping it out of other shoppers' hands? Why harp on a lack of something? What benefit can come from asserting your atheism? It's like asserting you have cat allergies. I have cat allergies and it sucks but I don't make billboards about it or preach to cat owners about how they shouldn't have cats because I am allergic. To each his own. I have nothing against cats. They've helped me with mice problems and loneliness in the past. More power to 'em. But they have made my life a living hell at times.

That's one reason the governments that know the real truth hide the evidence. Governments that aren't fully in the loop can join the rest of us in wondering... When we 'believe' in aliens they won't be UFOs anymore -- they will have names, like a Hannebu IV, a Vimana Epoch I, a Reticuli 345-ZX, or a Dracos Triangle II. And since we have no control over them, but rather vice versa, life will suddenly be a lot less 'easy.'

Lord Ashtar
Everything is fractals of everything else. Compare the alien's treatment of humanity as a whole and the west's treatment of, say, indigenous populations in jungles and deserts. Part of us wants to protect a more primitive way of life, another wants to get rich off exploiting our superiority, and that's how we're viewed by the Galactic Federation (1), led by Lord Ashtar, a kind of extra-terrestrial UN. The GF has a hands-off approach: they'll come if asked, but they don't want to mess up our development. Coming in now would be like the adults doing their kids' math homework. So they cordon off our Earth, make it a no-fly zone. They only let established scientific research expeditions with special permits fly in, the way African game wardens might admit zoologists who promise they only want to tag some gazelles. Part of the deal is that the zoologists have to obey certain protocol or the wardens ban them from returning. But let's say these zoologists are just a ploy, like in any Tarzan film, there's always the shady greedy hunter who evades the game warden by hanging out under the cover of the good safari.

And that's what we on Earth have been enduring for thousands of years. We're a bunch of apes being studied by some gray robots, deep in their 'research.' Abductions continue just so the aliens have an excuse to stick around. As long as the evil greys are doing this big elaborate biological monitoring program, Ashtar has to let them stick around. But the greys don't give two shits for the breeding program! It's a stall, an excuse to steal our DNA and take over our government.

The reptilians in this analogy would be poachers, or shady real estate developers who convince the native primitive chiefs (Black budget military-corporation conglomerates) to sell the land under our feet for a bag of shiny marbles. The Galactic Federation doesn't like to see us exploited but what can they do, when the UN doesn't really know anything? Not much, except protests and sanctions... unless Commander Ashtar gets an official request for help (the way say the US had to wait for an official request before sending aid to tsunami-torn Japan). According to some sources, such as fallenalien.com, Ashtar is Satan... this page will blow your mind. Dig the Obama-Akhenaton comparison. Don't run to the first lightbeing who offers you protection, but don't run from him either. Be cool, like the Fonz:

I personally vote for Ashtar, despite the fallen alien paranoia. Sure the GF are complicated, showy and manipulative, but who isn't? In order for the UN to intervene and kick our reptilian manipulators off the planet we're going to need to pick a side and give up the idea of perfect light and love anywhere but the ninth dimension. As far as fourth and fifth dimensions go, Ashtar's got it all -- looks, brains, nice hair. But in order for the intervention to happen we have to believe such a federation exists, and that's just what the evil reptilians don't want. That's why they stay in the shadows and use their human puppets to run things, and suppress any evidence of their existence, as well as banning the means of obtaining insight into trans space-time consciousness, like a nature documentary crew who hide in the bushes and hypnotize their Serengeti subjects to just act naturally and not look at the camera.

by Richard A. Poppe
So here's an idea: even if you don't believe in aliens, pray and ask the Galactic Federation to counsel us. If it's all just mythic wishful thinking then why not just play along? Lovecraft shared his Necronomicon with other writers like August Derleth and Robert E. Howard, and now a lot of people think it's a real book. That's why of course an actual Necronomicon showed up (above, and here), as if it never was just made up!!

Of course, just be sure your meditations are to the right source. Who can you trust? If your government is manipulating you, and being manipulated in turn, what can you do? Don't wait for someone else to come clean up your mess or explain where babies come from! They come from plankton!