"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baron Munchausen Vas Dere!

Munchausen: We ran out of gas and oil, but I stayed high in ze air for six more months.
Announcer: Without fuel? That's against the law of gravity!
Munchausen: Well, zat was before dat law was passed.
This bit of cornball humor sums up the Divinorum Psychonauticus credo perfectly. When one forgets to be bound by what science considers possible one can can truly achieve anything. When one leaves the delusion of objectivity behind, when one surrenders to the impossibility of all but the subjective position, then one sees beyond science's roped off notions of infinity... the only catch is that what you think and write becomes fiction, tall tales, and therefore invalid as far as science is concerned.

Of course science must be lauded for working towards an objective reality that makes certain strides toward genuine progress inevitable... and those strides are needed, what's not needed is their smug disregard for the ravings of lunatics, for the insanity and magic of today is the scientific 'law' of tomorrow, but science is awfully dismissive of any information that didn't require the murder of at least 100 rabbits or chimps in lab conditions.

The sin of Adam and Eve, to this Munchausen way of theorizing, is't discovering objective knowledge but subjective freedom. The apple, the fruit of knowledge, is a peyote button and that's where God lives. The sin is in abandoning the garden for concrete structures; the sin is in creating electricity, monsters, and air conditioning, exhaust fumes and bio-engineered pain factories. But it's a stopgap sin of which God inevitably, begrudgingly approves. Civilization's gruesome steps are necessary for His dreamers to make the jump from dreams to physical space travel. Meanwhile, the shamen and space cadet musicians are hard at work making the box of tunes he can bring with him and blast all the way to Mars.

Of course he could just listen to the radio and stay home. The waves of the universe are crowded with radio stations SETI will never find, but are picked up daily by psychics, telepaths, and remote viewers, by schizophrenics and trippers, by shamen and the dying and the newly born, and by those in haunted houses, and near power lines... for civilization's incessant din and its narrow AM/FM bands is truly is the whistling in the dark, the white noise machine so reason can sleep in the madness-besieged zombie movie mall universe. In order to effect our own destiny we need to be able to hear ourselves think, and thus the invention of rock and roll and power amps, and death metal, and car crashes, bridges, skyscrapers and plutonium.

But ultimately these iron tools never bridge the fourth dimensional veil - only bone and soft tissue gets through, nothing metal, ala Terminator movies, but even then there are beings who have figured out how to transgress that, though none of them are yet from earth (outside of occasional black budget funding breakthroughs). The beings who can move in and out of time and space have long ago abandoned non-biologicl technology. As UFO wreckage recovery teams often nervously note, the material of the saucers seems alive, and indestructible, far beyond the concepts of animate and inanimate that we still cling to. That's the TRUE sin of Adam and Eve, for those aliens are us in the future, which is the same as the past once you master time travel, and that's why we can never capture bigfoot. He too is outside of our linear time and perception. In the radio analogy he would be like where you're listening to a radio station rock channel and suddenly some weird voice breaks in through a wall of static as you pass by a power line or something and you hear a mad preacher or a car salesman and then it's back to the song, as if nothing in the song's wholeness had ever been broken.

We can't find Bigfoot the way you can't find that voice again on the radio; it just blinks in and is gone. Like a wave particle in a Schrodinger Cathouse, it was almost never not there. Like Stephen Malkmus of Pavement, the bigfoot knows that between here and there is better than either here or there.

This is perhaps old Munchausen's secret. His stories take place before cumbersome laws like gravity and thermo-dynamics were 'passed.' In deliberately skewing his stories to a level where they can't possibly be believed he undoes the damage caused by science and its draconian dogma, freeing us from the prison of textbooks. While science fumbles in the dark for its car keys, all the while proclaiming there's plenty of light, Munchausen has already floated away on the currents of his own balderdash, blazing megawatt clouds of gaseous fury as he goes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Tibetan-Nordic-Fashion-Huldra-LSD Aliens Connection (Uma Thurman is from Venus - Part 2)

Last year I suggested, based on a collection of weird anecdotal evidence and proniac ravings that Uma Thurman was the daughter of a fantastic Nordic alien hybrid, and thus 1/12 or so alien hybrid herself. Uma's mom is also a famous beauty --Nena von Schlebrügge --a fashion model / psychic inspiration, whose husband prior to Buddhist scholar and Dali Lama close pal Robert Thurman was 60s acid guru Timothy Leary. Anecdotal proniac investigation sometimes pays off, and a whole interrelated network of Buddhism, psychedelics, UFOs, 1930s Germanic Himalayan expeditions, Tibetan scientific post-death investigations, ESP, and Charles Mingus emerges. Sweet! 

First, examine this D.A. Pennebaker short film chronicling the wedding of Leary and Schlebrügge, "You're Nobody til Somebody Loves You" that includes some "lonely piano" music by jazz great Charles Mingus (which in itself confirms my feeling listening to "Black Saint and the Sinner Lady," that Mingus is Duke Ellington on an acid trip muppet melt-down). Writes Pennebaker:
"This movie is something of a mystery. Timothy Leary was getting married to a model named Nena Von Schlebrugge up in Millbrook, New York at the Hitchcock house, where Leary had been carrying on his hallucinogenic revelries for the past year or so after leaving Harvard. It was rumored that this was going to be the wedding of the season, the wedding of Mr. And Mrs. Swing as Cab Calloway put it. " - D.A. Pennebaker (PH Films)
 Now you might think offhand that Timothy Leary (who Nena married in 1964) and Thurman (who Nena married in 1967) have nothing in common, but they actually do -- they have one thing especially in common, The Tibetan Book of the Dead!

From Leary's "The Psychedelic Experience" - avail. online at Erowid
The Tibetan Book of the Dead is ostensibly a book describing the experiences to be expected at the moment of death, during an intermediate phase lasting forty-nine (seven times seven) days, and during rebirth into another bodily frame. This however is merely the exoteric framework which the Tibetan Buddhists used to cloak their mystical teachings. The language and symbolism of death rituals of Bonism, the traditional pre-Buddhist Tibetan religion, were skillfully blended with Buddhist conceptions. The esoteric meaning, as it has been interpreted in this manual, is that it is death of the ego and rebirth that is described, not of the body. Lama Govinda indicates this clearly in his introduction when he writes: "It is a book for the living as well as the dying." The book's esoteric meaning is often concealed beneath many layers of symbolism. It was not intended for general reading. It was designed to be understood only by one who was to be initiated personally by a guru into the Buddhist mystical doctrines, into the pre-mortem-death- rebirth experience. These doctrines have been kept a closely guarded secret for many centuries, for fear that naive or careless application would do harm. In translating such an esoteric text, therefore, there are two steps: one, the rendering of the original text into English; and two, the practical interpretation of the text for its uses. In publishing this practical interpretation for use in the psychedelic drug session, we are in a sense breaking with the tradition of secrecy and thus contravening the teachings of the lama-gurus.
Leary's adaptation of the TBOTD stresses ego death rather than real death. Thurman has his own translation. And while Leary was introduced to Von Schlebrugge by Salvador Dali, Thurman is a personal friend of the Dali Lama. Get the 'Dali' connection? Here's what Robert has to say about his relation to Buddhism:

 " I’m not a real guru, I’m an academic professor. I may be what they call a kalyanamitra, a spiritual friend of some of these people, offering advice now and then if I’m asked. But I don’t try to take up the role of serious guru. In fact, part of choosing the professor’s or the academic’s life pattern has to do precisely with avoiding getting into the guru game with people. If I had stayed a monk, I would have had to have disciples, which gets you involved in the complications of being a guru, having people develop various kinds of transference toward you and dependencies on you, and I didn’t think that was healthy for them or for me. I was helped in the decision, of course, by my wife Nena, who always insisted on maintaining that I not get deluded about there being anything exceptional about me! She’s been a great spiritual friend of mine, and had the foresight to encourage me to pursue more mainstream academic pursuits. We’re on a pilgrimage together as much as possible." - Thurman in interview for HiLowBrow

Now we go to Nena's own mom, Uma's maternal grandmother, who posed for the below statue: 

It's cool, but for our purposes the below left one is much more interesting:

  (L) Skogsrå - Axel Ebbe, 1913 / 1930. Axel Ebbes konsthall, Trelleborg, Sweden.
"The girl to the right is Uma Thurman’s grandmother Birgit Holmquist, married Von Schleebrügge. The sculpture was originally made in 1913, but the artist changed the girl’s face in 1930 and used Uma Thurman’s grandmother Birgit as his model. Birgit later married a German baron in Berlin, but left Germany for Mexico during the war. Uma’s mother Nena Schlebrügge was born in Mexico City, and became a model like her mother, not for art but for fashion. Birgit returned to Germany in later years; she wanted to be buried in her hometown Trelleborg, so that’s where she rests now.

"A “skogsrå” (“rå” is pronounced “raw” and means watcher, “skogs” means “connected to/from to the forest”. Watcher of the forest, in other words) is both a beautiful wood nymph and an ugly hag at the same time. She lures people into the forest with her beautiful looks, and when they are too deep in to find their way back, she turns her back at them and then she looks just like a tree trunk. The charmed one is lost, deep in the forest. The skogsrå or huldra is mainly a trickster, not so much a demon. She can have sex with humans if she wants to, and if she does, they become silent and withdrawn afterwards, because then she has their soul. The skogsrå is also the ruler of all the animals in the forest. "(Source: The curator of the museum Axel Ebbes konsthall and genealogists Bo Lindwall & Gert Påhlsson.)
 Surely we can link the creature represented by this statue to both common reports of alien abductions (just using the parlance of their time, long before the events of 1947), and the TBOTD since the description of the huldra matches descriptions of certain kinds of ghost-demons along the way to reincarnation (through the Sidpa Bardo) that come on like beautiful, inviting women writhing in sexual invitation, and when you get close enough to their sexual heat, they ensnare you and become ancient crones, then devouring fiends. Seeing writhing sexual figures in flames or shadows on the wall while on LSD is common, and perhaps represents a less immersive version of this lesson, this parable for age and death, the way the invitation to life is always in the process of corrupting itself. Von Schlebrügge is perhaps the princess of this process, at least in a persona / mask wearer capacity and one can perhaps divulge from this that she is an immortal with a soul stretching back to her aeons as Isis herself.

Nena Von Schlebrugge
In the 1930s German anthropologists were all over the Himalayas and India looking for relics and magical boxes and links of Aryan - Tibetan - Indian ancestry (their link solidified through corruption of the Buddhist image of the swastika, lower left):

(Uma) Thurman's maternal grandfather was Colonel Baron Friedrich Karl Johannes von Schlebrügge, a German military officer who had become one of the senior Nazi spies in the Americas but who was also jailed by the Nazis for protecting Jewish friends -Wiki: 
But I go into more detail on this aspect of the story over in the Acidemic Journal of Film and Media #7: The Nordics issue, check out the expanded Uma Thurman is from Venus story here) I only want to touch on it for the sake of common-thread weaving. We can't ignore facets of the story just because of the evil that resulted. Much has been written (but not enough) for example, on the relationship of the Vinyanas in the Mahabarrata to the Hannebu UFO aircraft made in Germany under the guidance of mystic Maria Osric. The link above will delve more into it, but more shall be revealed still...

One can't connect it all without the weird hard-to-believe encounters with friendly Nordics by George Adamski and Billy Meier. True or hoax, we learn from them and other sources that the Nordics are very tall, as are Uma and Nena. 

And here's a fascinating video on Nordics and The Pleiadians youtube made by gorgeous mystic Gigi Young, who looks not a little bit like Nena Von Schlebrugge! Coincidence? She seems to know more than a little about the Nordics, and like Nena she went from fashion into eastern spiritual realms, as it were and her genetic resemblance to the goddesses above is surely no coincidence

Well, by now the interconnectedness of these links has left me slightly exhausted. I'd like to close by saying I mean no disrespect to anyone I've mentioned. I'm a big fan of Robert Thurman's work in making Tibetan Buddhism both understandable and academically valid in the west. And I adore Uma, and can tell from her photos and choices in men alone that her mom Nena is a hell of a lady. So take all I've said with a grain of sand..which contains the universe in its entirety in microcosm... and just ponder the weird ways in which the higher levels of consciousness breed beauty with wisdom to the benefit of us all, and realize to be beautiful and prosperous is the first step is to become altruistic instead of egocentric. Let go of your morbid self interest and as John Lennon said "relax and float downstream... it is not dying." Hell no, JL, it is beginning... even if all that's beginning is the ending.