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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Paranormal Witnesses: Inciting Welles, Inarguable Walton, Unfathomable Leir

For UFO 'enthusiasts' this is surely the best of times. There's been a slow leak in the overinflated air mattress of top secret information these past few years, due partly to so many governmental witnesses and insiders getting old and wanting to clear their conscience before the big fire in the sky comes to claim them. Keeping a secret as big as the alien presence on earth for sixty or so years is no easy feat. And you know how old people are about getting attention.

Among the alleged treasures to be found is the syndicated series Unsealed: The Alien Files which may or may not be on a channel near you and claims to examine all the recently released FBI files and etc. The issue with that of course is, as I pointed out last year in FBI Disclosure: Is that all there is... to a Circus? 
Yes, it's terrifying; the 'disclosure' has begun far to the left of the dial as I and many others have predicted. I'm betting we'll never see an official announcement bigger than the ones we've already received by generals, astronauts, The History Channel, Fox, and now the FBI. But like good sheepherders, the inner circle world leaders know you have to give the masses an out - a way they can avoid asking 'what do they want?' and 'can we stop them?' and 'are we their pets?' and just focus on the question - are they real? And that question blocks out all the others, like the wizard's curtain, and all they have to do to keep that curtain up is make every shred of evidence and disclosure at least on some level 'dubious.'Wrapping truth in lies is like putting peanut butter inside one of those rubber cones you give your dog to chew on. They know it's there, they can't get to it to eat it but they can taste it, and so they are occupied for hours, distracted from their prison of existence. 
It's only when there's no way out of facing the scary truth that the yokels get ornery.  I don't know why I haven't seen ads for UNSEALED. It's not on Syfy, but Syfy is holding its own both on the ghost front and the UFO front, with their current champion a show that combines both areas, PARANORMAL WITNESS. Last night we saw a 90 minute special episode on 'The Walton Case' - which was the subject for the film FIRE IN THE SKY

These poor guys were really caught in a crossfire and the episode lets us know that skepticism is not without consequence. Who knows how many lives have been damaged by the one-two punch of alien abduction and public attacks? The poor bastards in the Walton case all had to slink out of town and more or less disappear to escape the constant media and rube harassment. Even the sheriffs involved in the case, who insisted on administering lie detector tests to all five guys (they all passed), can't believe it's not a hoax. They show up and do the talking head interview, but they can't let go of the life raft of believing it's a hoax. It's like Santa Clause in reverse. Imagine if Santa Clause didn't come on Xmas and deliver toys, he came down and grabbed children as he pleased, and whisked them off to perform day labor at his workshop. The only way terrified  parents can get through the day is by pretending Santa Clause isn't real. People can entertain the alien hypothesis easier when they only half believe it (as I do). But when evidence is so irrefutable, enough so that it would win its case in front of any impartial jury then it triggers an irrational panic response. For evidence just remember this:

If you doubt the alien abduction phenomenon is real, concrete, actuality - then watch this week's episode of PARANORMAL WITNESS, and examine the findings of alien implant extractor Dr. Roger Leir. One day he'll be regarded much like Louis Pasteur or Thomas Edison, the man who took out the implants most doctors preferred to deny were there, and had them tested in different laboratories including MIT with the same results every time: the materials in the chip are not of this earth.

Of course skeptics will find some reason to doubt this... as if people were somehow sticking chunks of meteorite under their skin for attention, and found a way to do this without promoting infection, and found a way to power the chip by attaching some transplanted nerve endings. A child could do it! But watch PARANORMAL WITNESS and you'll see just how badly some folks need to believe it's that easy.... any 'rational' explanation, no matter how outlandish, is better than an unpalatable paradigm-shattering truth.

Whatever the reason, the skeptics need to get it out of their systems, because soon those terrified skeptics will be as outmoded as the Flat Earth society, or the Amish. As Ezekiel is my paranormal witness, we'll never be a lonely planet again.

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