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Monday, December 10, 2012

Terence McKenna - The Weirdness of Information.

"You have to assume that the technology will be beyond your wildest imaginings. The idea that someone is going to come in ships, speaking languages, and with an interest in our gross industrial output or trading with us, this is what I call 'failure of scale' - this is for people who don't understand how weird reality actually is. This is for people who've been watching too much daytime TV. "

On electronic media: "The farther you are away from something the more real it looks.  The closer you get to it the less substantial it becomes..."

He kind of lays into crazy people who see triangles in the sky. Was this before the Phoenix lights?? He seems adamant about the aliens being beyond 3-D space-time, but I would say there's a mess of aliens up in the sky and sometimes their cloaking devices malfunction and whaddaya gonna do. And witnesses have a right to disguise their voices because they're right -- the CIA will come after them if they've seen too much.

The cool painting atop is attached to a cool lecture Terence did on Eros and Eschaton, here --

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Jonesy said...

This is one of my favorite Terence lectures. Im happy to say Dec. 21st has come and I still have internet!