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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dec. 21 - 2013 - the Post-Apocalypsness (Looking Back on the Apocalypse via The Weeklings)

It's a year today since the world was supposed to end, and I at least haven't forgotten. There may be a slew of 2012 documentaries we'll never see again, whole episodes of ANCIENT ALIENS lost to time, but hey, I have mix tapes, one to prepare for the end, and one to reconcile when we know the end's not coming. And here's my heartbreaking look back which will hopefully reflect the triumph of inertia and sameness over the fiery end, and hopefully provide some laughs, via The Weeklings:
"IT’S BEEN ALMOST a year since the end of the Mayan long-count calendar, the beginning of a new 394-year cycle (or baktun). And, the imagined apocalypse never came. I hesitate even to admit it now, but I’d psyched myself up for something big: a super volcano, a massive polar shift, alien invasion, the rapture, governmental disclosure on the alien presence, a mystical universal enlightenment, anything…. I was half-joking to myself about it but half-serious too. I didn’t stockpile weapons or duct tape, still I stopped making dentist and doctor appointments with the excuse that I didn’t expect to remain in my earthly form. I expected to endure in a higher vibration of soul density, lighter, like pure spirit energy. Part of this may come from having been a New Age music and book critic for the past fifteen years, a job that’s given me access to a vast array of “healing” music and lectures, guided meditations, subliminal relaxation, didgeridoos, chakra aligning tones, Tibetan singing bowls, yogic chants, healing harps, and lots and lots of wooden flute music as well as books on topics ranging from shamanism to veganism. I’d done some yoga, but before I got that gig I was never much of a New Age guy. Still I’ve always been a writer, so delivering the spiritually awakening vibe in my writing became a full-time challenge, and I began to talk myself into the bliss. And, I talked myself into the baktun-ending-2012 thing.
When the dreaded date of December 21, 2012 came, and nothing happened, my family teased me. I tried to bluff my way out of the sting of shame, “Ah,” I said, “I knew it all the time.” (CONTINUED)

And here's a special treat for Spotify users, my "Apocalypse Prep" mix which I created to help me release the past and prepare for judgment.


And the invariable disappointment "life goes on" we're all trapped in a Reptillian/Archon-devised soul farm maze/prison and can only escape by becoming enlightened at which time, ironically, we're so holy we decide to stay here to help others along into the pure white godhead of non-reincarnative oneness so we never really get out of here, it seems. Next time I'm up there at the gate to paradise I'm not going to decide to come back but of course the me who gets up there is never the sme" mix:


Monday, December 9, 2013

Cthulhu Mythos Memes: The Lovecraftian Tentacles of the Elder Gods weave many web strands

"The Temple of Nug and Yeb by Drhoz

H.P. Lovecraft was more than a great science fiction writer, he was a revolutionary at the inclusive mythos, wherein other writers used his menagerie of ancient multi-tentacled gods ever trying to leak out of their alternate dimension prisons and reduce the world to a smoldering ruin. Lovecraft's towns (Arkham, for example), his intrepid scholars and mysterious ancient books (like the Necronomicon, a ficcionne [1] despite what some circles say) appeared in the work of a whole flock of other authors, originally from within his pen pal circle of Weird Tales writers, such as Robert E. Howard and August Derleth. In a sense, this was Cthulhu was the first meme. In the age of the interwoven web, the Cthulu mythos meme has been leading newer and newer generations of artists into the chain.

Here are some Cthulhu-shoes:

David J. Roger has a vast blog of links to and art on the subject, in addition to his own work and ongoing interactive gaming.

Shaun Gentry is a genius "dimensional illustrator" with some extraordinarily detailed stuff, such as the above "Steampunk Clockwork Cthulu"

1.By ficcione I refer to the work of Luis Borges who often wrote about mysterious manuscripts, elaborate lotteries, bizarre literary experiments, creating a kind of fiction hall of post-structural metatextual mirrors effect, fiction about fictional fiction.