"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Future is Written in the sci fi genre

Recently there's been a commercial for PCs, part of the "I invented Windows" campaign, with a college nerd happily sitting outside his dorm room (while his stud roommate runs a "tutoring session" which presumably never ends.) Said nerd's happiness stems from his ability to get movies beamed directly into his laptop, which he then watches with his handsomely clunky headphones on, presumably cranked for all the sci fi explosions.

The message: you don't even need a place to "live" if you have a PC. What is contentment after all but endless streams of free movies that you can play as loud as you want, all by yourself regardless of the size of the crowd around you? I'm not judging. Just seeing the writing on the wall, admitting my part - for no one loves avoiding people in favor of the internet as much as me, well, that's probably not true, not anymore.

I want to connect this commercial in your mind with a novel by William Gibson, All Tomorrow's Parties, in which a character lives in a box, inside a box owned by a weird figurine maker inside a subway. The guy lives on cough syrup and shivers in his cold sleeping bag, but he's plugged into the web, so he's barely in his body at all. He's sneaking into secret areas trying to rendezvous with the first totally cyber superstar, or something like that. I never finished the book, but well I remember that character. Other notables in the future of Gibson herein include lightweight electric cars, and rampant shanty town living. Even the Golden Gate Bridge is a long row of makeshift housing with no electricity. (The guy in the box is in Tokyo, not that it matters where you are, by then).

I've long imagined a future which is already here, wherein a stranger coming out of, say, a Russian gulag, finds the whole world seemingly asleep, sprawled on streets, sleeping on one another in train stations, barely moving, just hooked up to their laptops, directly, for screens and speakers will soon seem stupid, why have anything interfering when you can just tune directly in?

If then, everything is a fractal of everything else, as I believe it is, then this has already happened, and space time itself is a virtual illusion. I believe this to be true. The proof snakes before us in an endless Moebius Strip.  Therefore, the grays are us in the future, and the future is us in the grays. Beware the fictions you create, for they are more true than you will ever be able to fully know. But you know just the same.

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