"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Greys on Film (or The Certainty of Probably Falseness)

Youtube is alive with alien videos, and even if one out of the dozens and dozens is real, then holy sh***t! How come we aren't running in the streets screaming like Chicken Little? Shall I tell you why? Because the rest of the videos are hoaxes, and hoaxes defuse the terror of the unknown, the fear that something vastly more intelligent than ourselves is lurking at every threshold of reality, watching and waiting and sometimes letting itself be caught on video, just to gradually prep you for the big 'announcement' of disclosure. For as long as man's been afraid of the dark, man's been drawing what scares him. In creating an effigy of the unknown, he diffuses his own paranoia.

Take for example this short video circulating of soldiers with a detained grey:

or this one, almost certainly a stop motion animation fake, but still terrifying in the way it seems to suddenly appear in the corner of the bathroom and come shambling forward at a great speed.

If real, it would fit with many alleged photos of greys with long arms that seem rather poorly developed - as if drawn by a 14-year old comic book fan, with mismatched fingers and no elbows. Are these arms perhaps manifestations of some spirit energy? Or are they just screwed up silly putty Stretch Armstrong-style limbs on a Toys-R-Us puppet being held from above? Who knows what weird limbs these weird creatures have? They might model the Toys-R-Us alien on the real one in order to make us dismiss any real videos as fakes.... I wouldn't put it past 'em.

The main thing about these alien videos, the thing that allows us to view them without having a heart attack, is the absolute certainty that most of the evidence is fake makes the realization that others might actually be real easier to bear. Conversely, the idea that even one may be real makes the faked ones exciting... yet safe. The certainty of possible falseness enables us to look into the face of the alien with courage. Our fear of looking gullible to our peers trumps our fear of the unknown. We'd risk death scoffing at a grey in person, rather than act as if the being is real, and have it turn out to be someone in a suit playing a prank.

This is the secret of the 'true' tales of terror heard around campfires, about hooks on car doors on goatmen wandering the Maryland forests and other stuff that scares you even as you know it's probably untrue. As the makers of shows like BLAIR WITCH and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY know, the more we think something is real, the spookier it is, even if we know, deep down, it's not. In just a few seconds or minutes these youtube films can spook us just as much, and get us thinking about the aliens in our midst, but since its from the safety of the position that it 'may not be real' we can digest this terrifying meal with several savory grains of salt.

Here's one I don't believe is real, but nonetheless find scary. Just thinking about this fitgure being able to 'see me' through the layers of time, space, and media. Who's to say these beings can't reverse engineer code and look through all our CRT screens at us? Or code every satellite transmitted phone call with subliminal mind meld messages?:

I tend to scoff at shows like TV's Fact or Faked which thinks it can prove things real or false by recreating them with their amped-up techs. Fellas, just because you can recreate something doesn't mean jack, and second of all - nobody elected a bunch of brazen gearheads the arbiters of what's real and what's not; you are the epitome of left-brained scientific research, which 'needs' to eradicate all mystery from life.

The real truth is: whether these videos are true or are faked, there's ultimately nothing we can do about it. We can investigate sites for evidence but we can't march up to Area 51 and demand answers and get shot, or write the aliens an email and ask "was that yours or a frisbee?" The idea that we can prove these images real or false and that will 'solve' them may be comforting, but it's useless. Go ahead and keep trying to take control of the situation by judging clips of video, see where it gets you. The basic fact of the matter is, something is out there and it doesn't want us to know about it. And we're stuck! All the analysis in the world won't change anything. Fact or Fiction? Yes or No? Alive or dead? One thing my own experience has taught me, you'll never get an answer stuck on dichotomies like that. It's only when we no longer need to have a straight answer, no longer need a big government other to come and explain it all away as sun spots so we can sleep at night, only when we see past the veil of all opposites and illusion... only when we realize our own imagination is as real as God, and that every day was our first and is our last, and will never end, and that even these words I write are dictated to you by an alien force, and that we are all as kittens to these transdimensional beings, we may as well love them and be as calm as kittens about it. And just like kittens aren't exposed too fast to the outdoor world after being born, so our alien owners keep us in this safe little box, spoon-feeding us visions and guidance until we're old enough to escape.

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