"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twitter and the Greys: Dawn of the Human Hive Mind

If we only use 10% of our brains, who is using the rest? It's a safe bet it's not just going to waste. In my opinion we're like bandwidth that aliens tap the way we might hop on a neighbor's wireless internet. When we 'enlighten' ourselves it's like we take back that width. We find our neighbor's spying and we change our password. In general there's so many unconcsious people out there the aliens don't worry to much if a few humans take back their power. The mass of us being so unconscious of that power makes it all but useless to the rest of us, and maybe in--as in the case of a messiah, sorceress, or LSD guru--a liability, especially if we become too influential and the aliens manipulate public opinion to have us burnt at the stake, spread on the cross, or tossed in the slammer for forty years for a non-violent crime while murderers and rapists are out in ten.

But they can't keep us down forever, and the way news is being disseminated 'instantaneously' around the world via Twitter is something so revolutionary we've scarcely begun to fathom the possibilities. Surely the riots and protests in the Middle East would not have been the same without it. As it was--barring internet shutdowns--protesters and rebels could find out what was going on all over the country, where soldiers were, weak links, etc., faster than any police dispatch radio could ever hope to achieve.

Now, compare this with the 'hive mind' mentality evinced by the greys, especially as reported via remote viewing and imagine a future where no one needs to twitter and IM and text each other the news because it's all done instantaneously, mentally, and you have the dawn of the human hive mind - everyone will feel everyone else's pleasure and pain, and we'll all know each others' languages, instantly, even a few seconds before the thoughts occur, as humans already can do as proven by experiments with variable electron trajectories.

In the next few years, perhaps post-2012 and whatever revelations occur, there will be the moment when our technological geniuses realize that 3-D screens, touch keypads and implanted inner-ear headphones won't be enough. We'll want to get rid of the technology altogether and move into biological enzymes that act as highly advanced microprocessors. Imagine being able to turn on 3-D dream-like movies inside your head, or to flip through hundred of billions of brain wave channels, all without worry about batteries or eyestrain. In short, we'll have the same inter-connected reality that spirits outside of space-time have, and we'll know exactly where they are and how long we've been here.

There will be drawbacks - say you're a guy and about to make love to a beautiful woman - have you ever felt the sudden surge of 'presence' within yourself? Something 'comes over' you? These are spirits seeking to tap into the cosmic heat you're generating. Notice that as soon as you're 'done' the feeling of presence leaves? That's generally a sign there will be no conception occurring - no spirit waiting around to try and move into a fertilized egg and be reincarnated. Well, soon it wont be just spirits, the whole world will be one giant sex club where hungry ghosts and bored cable surfers seek someone else 'plugged in' whose sensual moment is worth experiencing. Crime will cease as we'll all know 'who did it' - maybe even 'be there' when they do, maybe even guide their hand... but more than likely we'll be able to pinpoint the squirmy brains, and euthanize them. Too much information? Don't be squeamish! The future has no place for humanist hand-wringers. We must leave our compassion, our fear, our petty lusts and desires behind like spaceships leave their booster rockets... otherwise we let the majority rule, and the majority are reactionary, terrified, blinders-on livestock for the parasitic 'bandwitdth bandits" of outer space!

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