"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Fuzzy Matrix: Thoughts and Videos on our daemonic handlers


A Russian discovery - either a nuclear meltdown mutation or an alien baby, or a very small alien...

How small can these critters get? One of the most compelling witnesses lately has been David Eckhart, who took this via camera set-ups using a mirror ball reflection (according to his extraterrestrial sources, interdimensional beings like the greys can only be photographed via this roundabout means).

Here's another of Eckhart's videos, this one more orb-based.

Then of course there's the Stan Romanek case. This is the 'real' video... though it looks like a balloon with black eyes drawn on, to me:

I'm reading Nick Redfern's book, Final Events, and man it's chilling, because I know--I feel--so much of it to be true. It connects a lot of missing dots, like the links between Satanism, human sacrifice, UFOs, Egyptology, etc. I don't fully believe that our visitors are not aliens from outside our planet, I believe that they come from within, and I also believe that there are fuzzy areas where our unconscious minds all merge, a fuzzy matrix if you will, wherein aliens are simultaneously products of our collective imaginations, aliens from outer regions, interdimensional spies, robots, humans from the future, and demons who's main focus is to keep us dependent on foreign oil, so we stay enslaved to soul-condensing thought patterns, unable to see beyond our own mirror egos, and therefore both contributing to and suffering from a collective consciousness / alienation and feeling of separateness, a feeling which is the ultimate end product of enslavement to certain thought patterns, such as those afflicting western medicine, education, and science. Keeping their eyes shut to this obvious link between the age-old myths of heaven and hell, our reincarnating selves of the future, UFOs, and time-space continuum-bending technology and mental powers we're only beginning to understand, I feel personally like the more of this stuff I think and write about the more isane I become.

So is UFO lore a route to madness? And is that madness soul condensing, or soul dispersing? 'cuz you want your soul dispersed, bro, because no fishing net can ever catch the sea, or the air. So the soul farm is all about keeping you stuck on being a fish, or a lone man. Maybe that's why the voiceovers of all the previews aimed at dudes features two phrases: "In a world" and "one man" It's always down to one man, against the world gone wrong. Our action movies have forgotten the camaraderie of Howard Hawks and the family of John Ford. They are instead the urban nomads of Schwarzenegger, junkies of the fantasy with nothing but an over-priced apartment and a receding hairline as an alternative to the land of "one man in a world" soul-condensing fantasiae.

No man is so high that he can reach the top without first touching bottom, using it to bounce back up. It's down there I first realized that getting to heaven by going lower than hell was easier than trying to climb out. It's all changeable with simply focusing on the breath - as we count down to ten and open our hearts, the flames turn to clouds, the dark to light.

All the conflicting reports of who or what or where in UFOlogy shows that these elemental beings are many things at once. The Hindu literature's gods have male and female sides, as well as dual-sided mates, creating an endless amount of twisted children, who can flip from angels to demons like a coin, and whose limbs appear to be so many because of what I see as an effect similar to that of a black hole. When space and time collapse, beings appear with this psychedelic trail because of this reason, study black holes... that's where the answer is, but in order to get there we have to be so dispersed, so porous and light, that black hole will become just like one more girlfriend we're destined to share a whole new universe with.


muzuzuzus said...

I more see the enemy as males who are cut off from respect for mum and women in general and thus the natural world which we as a species have since ages past used the metaphor of a Great Goddess and Mother--a WOMB. I think that if we dig these roots (not out!), but understand them things fall into place.
HOW is this maintained? Well blaming other entities, be it women as enticers of the 'heroic' male, also 'demons' 'fallen angels' the devil, satan, lucifer, and now aliens.
When ALL the time it is simply a male mindset cutting itself off from it feminine polar relationship! IMAGINE.

I believe that these entities, whatever they are, DO care for how separated 'we' have become from nature. The clue is that many of the aliens show their abductees big films of world destruction, trying to wake us the fuck up. There is also reports of them very concerned over 'our' use of nuclear weapons (Robert Hastings)

David Icke is a silly old fool. He talks about an evil hollw artificial moon where evil mindcontrolling aliens hide out, and next breathh warns us they feed off our fear when HE is pushin this paranoia...?

Erich Kuersten said...

Thanks, m, According the great Patrick Harpur, visions of entities often come to people who have completely repressed that feminine / right brain side, so their unconscious has no choice but to manifest in the only 'reality' they understand. It's easy for the Ickes of the world to take this all too literally, on the other hand mainstream psycho-analysis dismisses the unconscious all too easily - the demons of the Id are as 'real' if not more so than any hallucination of cars or TV news, if not more so. The more you deny them entry into your reality the more you force them to take drastic measures.

muzuzuzus said...

Have you read Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda, by Dan Russell? Its a great book. He shows how the Olympian pagans of ancient Greece had already 'demonized' the older gods of the more earth-based pagan peoples of the Goddess "cutting off their tails". Ie., whereas more anciently gods had still had animal and plant attributes which connected them with us in relationship with nature, the Olympian theocracy wanted just superhuman cartoon figures cut off and aloof and distant on Mount Olympus, the pyramid.

So when I see these demonoligies which demonzed the Wise Women as 'witches' and artists have them at 'Sabbats' with demons with wings and tails, I see that that is exactly what Russell is talking about. A great andorcentric fear of animals, and nature, and women.

What is really of interest for me now is the VERy surreal affair we are in where hidden in plain sight there seems to be an occultist cabal behind such bloody events like 9/11 whereas the general consensus is that we are machines, and the 'pagans' I have tried to engage in some kind of dialogue about this seem to want to stay in denial about it. I have found ONE guy who is into shamanism who takes this seriously.

The bottom line is --theres has been a concerted effort by the 'upper classes' over centuries --very much responsible for the witch-hunts-- to dis-enchant the world for the 'lower classes'so as to fit them/us into their State machine, whilst secretly making sure secret socieites are maintain, whose top members have great wealth and power, practice magick, and which are up to to such fukin evil it doesn't bear thinking about, but HAS to be faced!