"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disclosure Happened - You Missed It.

Has full disclosure by the government of the alien presence already happened? I'd vote yes. I'd imagine there's something big coming our way, and this line from the Upanishads bears that out:
"There has never been an objective Being. Knowing this, the rest is known."
 Recently a slew of books has appeared on Amazon from government researchers and whistle blowers that forgo any need to ask 'what if' or 'what are they' and instead not just wonder but tell what they want and what their deal is. Sites like expolotics.org pave the way for a new age of intergalactic understanding and a 'letting' in of electromagnetic propulsion technology, remote viewing, telepathy instruction, and basic universal group mind concepts that we will need to know if we're to 'keep up' with the next big boot in the pants jump of evolution. The Mayan/Aztec equivalent of course would be if new chapters started magically appearing in the local literature on Spanish language, naval navigation, firearms, and Catholicism and how to avoid getting burnt at the stake, to prepare for the arrival of the conquistadors. Though in our case 'arrival' is too strong a word. A more apt descrption would be 'increased visibility' or 'next level' for the next level in a video game doesn't arrive from on high, it was already there in the software, waiting for you to reach it, and by reaching it, one sees it, and to see it one must first know there has never been an objective being who sees these things. Ask any blind man to describe a smell or sound and you know you're missing 90% of what he hears and smells. Same goes for the universal mind. As Obi Wan said, "Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them!"

To unpack that Upanishad, read the Subjectve Bioverse, and Alien Mind and know how to answer the scientists trapped in their chairs who argue the impossibility of time and space travel, the way snails might argue the impossibility of ever making it to China from New Jersey. The folding of space is actually relatively simple except that the government has blocked out all these missing chapters from our textbooks. Instead we must study the blueprints of Bob Lazar, and Phillip Corso, two men who've been easily discredited by a scientific alarm system that protects the heavy grants and bodies of learning created by its own people. While meaning no disrespect to these scientists I've never found any logic there, as the most obvious questions one can ask about such things - the subjective nature of our location in relativity to the rest of the universe, the obvious, jarring disconnect in evolution between animals and ourselves - go unanswered.

 And when Hawking wouldn't even deign to mention the mountains of research done on actual UFOs for his aliens TV show (see my review here), he asked for it. How can a man confined to a chair for life, dependent on computers for speech but able to reach the stars in his thoughts would argue the need for his shell of a body to be lugged on a craft and launched into orbit  for space travel to occur? It smacks of deep wilfull blindness, such hard-head dogma I've personally never heard of outside a Christian Sunday school class. Knowing, fundamentally, that all perceptions are subjective and no objective exists, Hawking should know space travel is as easy as seeing through the mind's eye of someone on the opposite end of the universe, which is no more strenuous than seeing through the mind's eye of someone right in the next room. And that aliens, while being billions of years more advanced technologically than ourselves, would surely honor our self-imposed limitations and delusions of objectivity and only make spaceships that propel themselves along in linear space time, like good little children.

One place the curtain is being pulled back is on the History Channel, with shows like The UFO Files and Ancient Aliens showing more and more and asking if it's true less and less. Still, for all that, in the recent season they may be going too far. Last week's episode on monsters postulated that things like Cerberus, centaurs and the hydra were results of alien genetic experimentation and monkeying around. I can't help but wonder if the show's creators were urged to push it past incredulity to cast doubt on all that had come before by some high shadowed producer. I don't doubt genetic experiments, but personally I believe the answer to the multiple head and arms effect is the 'trail' from seeing beings move outside time and space which is surely where Perseus, Ezekiel and the Indians who saw Vishnu, etc. were when they witnessed them. That seems far more likely than some aliens, with billions of years in evolution at their disposal, thinking a three headed dog would be real cool.

All I can do is feel down in my core for what I think is true, what I've personally 'seen' and remembered, and that is that our scientists are like parents arguing for the existence of Santa Claus when we see our presents hidden on the top shelf of their closet. But it's a pretty frickin' huge Pandora's box if half of what I think is true is true. And part of that truth is that truth is clear only to those who have abandoned all illusions of separateness, and can think in terms of their whole species and their soul life beyond death, rather than get hung up on their current body, and the 'impossibility' of moving out west, to Andromeda, where rent is cheap and jobs is on the way.


Cognitive Dissident said...

Thanks, this is very insightful and thought provoking. I think there is an on going disclosure process as you suggest. More and more credible info and evidence. The question is, why and why now? Is their hand being forced by ET or by 2012 or some other reason? I do not know but am asking the question.

Erich Kuersten said...

Thanks CD -

I think it's a question of all three - there's calamities coming our way, and then (according to Alien Mind, a great book I'm reading), the aliens will rush in and save us, acting like we should be all grateful they've appeared, but it's really just Galactic Munchausen by Proxy.

If you want a classic example of how that works, just look at colonialism - first you visit and set up some outpost, just friendly folk studying the indigenous wildlife, or trading spices from exotic lands, second - you send a splinter faction to dress up like natives and wipe out the post - now your army moves in to protect future posts. The new rulers keep the old ones in power on the surface, but pull all the strings from behind the throne. In return, the first world nation brings the third world colony stuff like indoor plumbing and electricity.

That's us, we're a developing planet, a third world, from the sun. Americans don't want to be told that we're as to the aliens what the Native Americans were to us 200 years ago. Everyone's somebody's bitch in the universe, except for the ancient ones millions of light years away, controlling our destiny over their long distance telepathic cell phone.