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Monday, October 24, 2011

Gnomes and Grays: Videos

Youtube alien and cryptozoology videos: what is real and what is a hoax? If it feels real, if you see it at the right time of the day, when you're unguarded and susceptible to the power of suggestion, the right video can blow your mind. We will probably never know for sure what's truth OR fiction. We should call it all Truoaxes and let it go at that, for to try and find what's real is to miss the point. Have we forgotten the words of John Lennon: "Nothing is real. Strawberry fields forever"?  One may think they're fake but believe they're real. There is no objective reality, not no more.

As I've written in the past, I believe strongly that mainstream science kills the myth and mystery man needs to be enamored of life when it insists on  naming and explaining every last goddamn detail, and displaying such witch-burning hostility towards what it regards as 'superstition'. It's fine that we're no longer always afraid of the dark, but science wants to pin every last butterfly to the board, to dub sea serpents 'river eels' and bigfoot chimapnzee Americanus and quickly nullify the uncanny frisson of the supernatural via dull as dishwater dissertation, lets its authority be usurped.

I understand and appreciate that scientists and academics are entrusted when they get their doctorates with a sacred oath not to go all flaky because now they represent the establishment.  Their opinion is now expert so if they're wrong their whole department has egg on its face. That said, science needs to see the forest for the trees. Enough scientists and doctors and law officers and military men have seen and encountered these things that by now any sane peer review would have crapped its pants in fear. In that sense, mainstream science is, on this issue, exactly where the Catholic church was with Copernicus or the fundamentalists with Newton.

So yeah, I hate shows like Mythbusters and Fact or Faked because I believe we need the scary uncertainty they try to sweep away. We need to strain our gaze in the corners fuzzy home video backgrounds and dark woods at night for little bopping heads or sudden shots of strange stick men walking along pathways. Mythbusters is the new Spanish inquisition, science the new marauding crusaders burning hippies, ancient astronaut proponents, campfire urban myth tellers, and mystics at the stake for daring imply anything might be true outside of what science can measure and submit to peer review. If all the urban legends and hoaxes and campfire bigfoot mystery does is to help us look at our woods with new eyes, it's a lot more than the average dull science lecture ever did. Scientists will tell you what the tree is called. But who called it that? Who gets to decide this is an oak and that's an elk? Why can't we reverse the process of naming and make an elk into something other than 'just' and elk? If we take away its name it becomes a dark strange shapeshifting horned spirit of the forest!


The South American gnome thing really gets me. It's got a crazy pointed hat and a weird sideways 'dancing' walk --but when it decides to come up to you it moves fast and crazy like a spider and kids just can't help but flee. There's an older attack that I can't find on youtube. Was I imagining it?

This one is super small

WIKILEAKS has allegedly released some alleged footage of gray Roswell alien survivor from 1947, and recently I found another 'hidden camera' shot of three grays on their way to a meeting in 1961 I love how graceful they are, how urbane with their slick black turtlenecks, and the way the first two languidly look at each other while walking as if telepathing to each other "what do you think, humans are freaky, right?" One trails behind, sees the camera and turns towards it, his black eyes grow larger as he approaches, and bam! that's it. Show's over.

This collection below is pretty astounding - including the original "Skinny Bob" footage as well as the famous UFO film from Istanbul, the validity of which is enhanced by the presence of Dr. Roger Leir, the esteemed surgeon who's been a pioneer in removing alien implants.

Maybe one or two of the images in the above videos are fake, but what maybe not, and anyway, what is fake? Go to the Natural Museum of History sometime and you'll see nearly everything there is 'fake' - plaster casts or whatever of ancient relics like the Venus of Willendorf. Dioramas of cavemen. Are they 'hoaxes?' Our whole world is fake, man! And imagine the horror of if we knew for certain it wasn't fake.  If we knew for certain all of this Wiki stuff was real, it would almost be too much; our heads might explode. I'd say that even people in the top secret programs are always given the 'out' of thinking it all might be some CIA mindfuck test of their ability to keep it deadpan and po'faced even as the world cracks apart around them.

The question isn't whether of not you "want to believe" as Spooky Mulder's poster says, but "are you ready" to believe? When I first looked at both of these videos, I felt a shock, like a heart attack moment of oh my god, the holy grail - so even if I'm wrong, it's all fake, there is no holy grail, I still got my holy grail in that moment of uncanny heart attack shock. Will you heed the call, and let the awful truth in? Or sneer with your logic-locked brethren until the last shred of your soul is eaten up by mainstream science's deadening devil deal?

Someone out there has been given the awful responsibility of 'preparing' humankind for the big events to come, and what better way than this, by easing us slowly across the line of consciousness from our current level of dichotomy and subterfuge - myth and reality, consciousness and dreaming, fact or fiction, hoax or authentic, CGI or latex. Rather than the aliens becoming 'real,' we will become sucked into the fiction. Prepare to smell like newsprint and saunas!

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