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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Truth is a Hoax, and that is a Lie.

Do Alien abductees recognize their captors in any of the myriad alien autopsy pics, wikileaks (Skinny Bob, etc.) and vids available on youtube? I'm sure 90% are faked, and that we can't tell which is which is what makes it somehow bearable... do we really want to know for sure? Think about it.

I'm sure folks have noticed before, but check out the alien in the lower right corner of this alleged 'hoax' UFO shot, and its uncanny resemblance to the 'autopsy alien' which was also supposed to have been faked, but 'based on real evidence,' i.e. the guy who hoaxed it saw footage of the real one ... but really who knows what is real. I'm not the first to ponder whether the aliens or the CIA themselves create the hoaxes to spread confusion and disinformation and thus make the real footage fake by association.

Note the gashed out chunk of the leg in the above photo is in the opposite leg below

Then there's this recently 'leaked' footage of some humanoid on a stretcher surrounded by official types. The cameraman is terrible of course - why wouldn't you want to just shoot the thing and not keep waving the camera around? Was it a hidden camera? Either way in certain shots it looks like the same alien from the autopsy and the top alleged hoax UFO crash. But other moments it looks like a normal human who maybe got his face melted off, and note the very human like feet, two of them. So... what is it all about?

Below: another autopsy that's supposed to be from Belgrade, though some say it's just a badly burned up jet pilot:

Now back when it was on Showtime, I accidentally saw the made for cable movie Roswell starring Kyle Mclachlan as Jesse Marcel. Why the hell isn't this film available on DVD if not a government conspiracy? I remember an alien in surgery who briefly comes alive and grabs a nurse's hand (she recounts it in flashback, followed by her threats from mysterious government agents). I can't be sure but I think this might be a shot from that film:

Or it could be a shot from the exhibit in the Roswell museum:

A lot of people seem to believe more in the hoaxes than in more 'real' reports. But since it's the thing they saw that convinced them, which if you believe, as I do, in the validity of the phenomena (there's just too much convincing evidence to deny) yet are suspicious of the autopsy footage, is like poetic justice, like where a guy gets convicted for a murder he didn't do but we cheer anyway because he did murder someone else and got away with it. The hoaxers are like the corrupt cops who fake evidence to get a conviction even though they know the guy is guilty anyway. Getting caught doing that is what sprung O.J. in the end, and made Hank Quinlan get shot by Pete his partner in Touch of Evil, so be careful what you wish for... and just realize that that big globular invader of your living room is a citizen of the pumpkin patch and if you should hear a knock on your door but no one's there, that was no Martian, it's 2012.

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