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Monday, March 19, 2012

Reptilian Apocalypse Art: A Curation

Diana of Ephesus and the Slaves (1893–98). - G.A. Sartorio

Diana of Ephesus must have been a reptilian then, 'cuz she's green and wearing a very funky vestment. Then again to have that many slaves you got to be in the inner carnivore circle.

Luca Signorelli's The Damned Cast Into Hell, c. 1500 AD
There's a guy down there with a green ass! And one with the green chest and head of bull.

c. Justin Maller

This work by Justin Maller is strangely similar to a mystic vision I had over the course of two nights. The first night, I was at peace in this beautiful third universe / alternate dimension, assured love and light and eternal joy was mine for the stepping into, whenever I could spend a few minutes in lotus position inhaling mystic incense et al -- the second night I eagerly went 'back' and saw the gorgeous sky above paradise had this dark inky cloud stain and there wasn't anyone left around to 'talk' to except one frail voice that was like "you were gone so long, we could have used your help..." Dude, outside of space / time, a 24 hour period for us can be 24 million years for them -- and vice versa. We're waiting for the gods to return to us after being gone from our planet for hundreds of thousands of years, but to them they just went away for the weekend. They're on their way back to see how the experiment has progressed, and boy will they be shocked!

Reptilian clutching man, from "Vigeland's Strange Art in Oslo"

Erich Kuersten - Collage "Enki Makes the Man"

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