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Sunday, July 8, 2012

How much more disclosure do you need? Irrefutable Sources Speakin' Out

People outside the loop scoff and sneer and decry lack of evidence but the thing is, just because you don't bother to do the research doesn't mean there's no disclosure. Just because any real 'hard' evidence is confiscated by men in black and shady air force security personnel doesn't somehow remove the truth, unless that's what you pray to believe. You want some wool? The government has some wool for you.

In this Fox Clip Steven Bassett argues with Shep Shepard who says of ET disclosure politics, "and we know this... how?" all dismissively, which is fascinating. Imagine a pundit talking about Putin's politics and Shep going "We know this how?" As if eyewitnesses and mountains of evidence don't really validate it. But that's okay because the truth is out there. Thus the government both discloses and denies at the same time. It's like the scenes in movies where the guy says to the detective "I don't know what you're talking about" but looks off in the direction of the exit as he says so, implying he wants to talk to the detective outside, away from prying ears. But our moronic reporters go "What? How can you not know?"

If you reverse that you have the clip below. Bassett tells Shep UFOs are real--the flat out truth--and Shep can't handle it. It illustrates the difficulty so many people have accepting this fact. It's sheer mind-boggling implications are so monstrous and bizarre we shrink away from it. It's not like we believe the Air Force cover stories about Roswell, but if you tell us it really happened, a saucer from Zeta Riticuli crashed in the desert, then you're a nut. Either a nut or in denial.

(POST SCRIPT - I had a lot of video links up here but youtube or someone has removed them -only this remains:)

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