"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Space Pilot-Ganesha-Scarab-Space Orb-Event Horizon genius of Wilby

I just found this genius guy while searching for collage images and watching Ancient Aliens. Wilby is his name, from Hawaii. It's pretty badass - like Alex Grey Rorschach meets Robert Williams meltdown. Check out his site of Visionary Art here .

The above image is called "Pour L'Amour" and below is "Desire" and "Emergence" is below that. You have to go to his site though and see them all. They make great desktop wallpaper. He's a little more low profile than Grey. Now I love Grey but in some ways I like this guy even better, more abstract, more ambivalent and ambiguous in intention. The two below especially are striking in the way they approach figurativeness -- i.e. implying a center shamanic figure conjuring an EMF loop of psionic energy around him. I aspire to be as open heart-chakra as Grey but I'm just meant to be a little colder and more hardcore, more shamanic which means always a little plunged willingly in near-death darkness rather than light-dwelling illumination. For in pure light or pure dark there can be no hallucinatory shadow patterns, and mama, that's where the fun is... anyway, check him out. Check them all out. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Nephilim Vs. the Koch Brothers

Here's an inspiring video from the Ted Talks series, on the giant skeletons anthropologists have found in New England dating back thousands of years, information that has been gathered and kept from the public by the Smithsonian, which in turn is heavily funded by the Koch Brothers to do their bidding and downplay global warming, among other catastrophes they helped create.

  "....an overwhelming amount of historical evidence to the existence of giants building and living over the North American continent has been getting a lot of attention over this past week. Jim Vieira’s presentation shows and explains what the government has done to shield our eyelids from the truth of our ancient past." 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Terence McKenna - The Weirdness of Information.

"You have to assume that the technology will be beyond your wildest imaginings. The idea that someone is going to come in ships, speaking languages, and with an interest in our gross industrial output or trading with us, this is what I call 'failure of scale' - this is for people who don't understand how weird reality actually is. This is for people who've been watching too much daytime TV. "

On electronic media: "The farther you are away from something the more real it looks.  The closer you get to it the less substantial it becomes..."

He kind of lays into crazy people who see triangles in the sky. Was this before the Phoenix lights?? He seems adamant about the aliens being beyond 3-D space-time, but I would say there's a mess of aliens up in the sky and sometimes their cloaking devices malfunction and whaddaya gonna do. And witnesses have a right to disguise their voices because they're right -- the CIA will come after them if they've seen too much.

The cool painting atop is attached to a cool lecture Terence did on Eros and Eschaton, here --

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Whitley: 'I Hope to God it's a Fake'

I've often wondered about what abductees think of the fakes out there. And if we can really tell the difference, since if the government agencies keeping this all a secret were good at their 'disinformation' and they are, they would naturally be leaking the truth out to us right along, only in mutated form that makes the whole thing hard to believe. Just leave a dummy alien and an empty fill box at a crash site and all concerned will think it was just some consarned kid making a movie, for example.

Victor's footage - "If it's a fake it's made by someone who knows just how they move. I hope to God it's a fake, because if it's not humanity should be ashamed." - Whitley Streiber


This is a long but interesting video examining the truth or fiction around the Victor footage (Creature maker Rick Baker says it looks fake too him, maybe too fake.) With narration by Ronald Reagan!

Here's Victor later, dying, still talking with his muted voice, mentioning among other things that Cheney knows everything and Rumsfeld is a clown (they wont let me embed, go here)