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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Recent Photographic Evidence: It just keeps getting Weirder

I'm really impressed by these photos of a tall alien coming right through a screen door. The photographer took many other pictures, all of which are hard to quite make out, leading me to wonder, presuming it's not a bizarre hoax, which it easily could be, and would explain the odd double exposure look. But I like to keep an open mind, for the sake of science and the person who took the pictures, who would need support were he not hoaxing. If he's not I think the photos are proof that these aliens exist in a corporeal / non-corporeal dimensional frequency, where they can adjust their molecular structure for walking through walls, etc., probably as easily as we can walk through water. Read the full post over on 'Anything UFO.'


And of course the weirdest new tidbit is the one from acclaimed and trustworthy UFO researcher Steven Greer, the man responsible for the essential UFO book (as far as convincing skeptics), DISCLOSURE, with its many high ranking military depositions. So we can't dismiss him as crazy but holy moses, this tiny alien throws a whole new angle on everything. I'm thinking of all those TV sci fi stories (Outer Limits has a memorable one) with aliens who land on Earth threatening take over but then turn out they are more or less the size of preying mantises. "Whew" - but this thing, mythic or real or both, I'm not laughing!

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