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Monday, July 29, 2013

Von Braun and the 33 degree Masons of the Moon

When Nazi rocket scientist-cum-NASA director Werner Von Braun meets Walt Disney, we get a 33 degree Freemasonic / Nazi collaboration  that even without the bizarre moments of the below film, is enough to blow your mind. I've heard that these cartoon characters travel to the dark side of the moon and see a rectangular ruin of an ancient moon base, but none of the astronauts, nor Von Braun, nor the narrator comment on it. They use flares to illuminate as they pass over the dark side, and a high level of radiation at the 33 degree line prompts a quick flare on what looks like a base carved into the surface dust (the radar spells out "an unusual formation"). and looks like an outline of the Kubrickian monolith. BUT as they look down in awe, nothing else is said and the scene fades to black without another word.


Gott in Himmel! They predict (or already know) there is a base there, and that once evidence of past civilizations are found on the surface, the whole affair will become totally secret. For now they can show but not tell. Soon as it's visited, not even that. Words fail us and disclosure is beyond us, as remote a chance as Von Braun and Disney being already on Mars by 1957 (their next film).

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