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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Keeping Roswell's Plain Sight Secret: Phillip Corso and his Magic Box.

I've been reading Phillip Corso's book the Day after Roswell, detailing his dissemination of Roswell artifacts into the industrial complex of America through covert channels in the 40s-80s. Tricky stuff. Is any of it true? And if any of it is, wow. And I'm 90% sure at least some of it IS true. Thank god for that 10%...

Aside from being almost an official government declassification (uniquely void of photographic or other evidence, and with enough elements conveniently obscured in his credentials to cast the doubt that allays panic) it's comforting look at the alien presence as a threat which was more or less neutralized with the implementation of the SDI under Reagan. AND MORE THAN THAT even, Corso presents a very coherent and believable set of rationale for keeping the crashed saucer a secret from the public, because the Russkies had such good spies that all liberal ideas like unilateral disarmament and sharing of scientific secrets were suspect. Reading this book, I no longer trusted Marxism professors here at the college where I work! Maybe they're embedded dissension-spreading agents left over from the Cold War!

Anyway I thought I would sum it up for those who haven't read it, listing some believable reasons why the UFO crash was hushed up:

1. Military Rivalry: Not only was this recovered material hidden from the public, it was hidden even from other departments in the government, military, FBI and especially the CIA, which would have insisted on sole access and/or sharing intel with Russia. Each agency involved in the initial recovery scrounged= a few pieces of the puzzle but no dept. wanted to admit to having any pieces lest they be requisitioned to hand them over, pooled in some government lottery where they'd likely disappear (as it was common knowledge the White House was peppered with KGB spies). Some would argue, with covert Russian backing, the artifacts belonged to the whole world, but in the wrong hands they could shift the balance of power. Shades of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, where Indy's agenda to reunite the magic skull with its alien body isn't for personal gain but to keep power away from the Russians!

2. Orson Welles' Martian broadcast, which caused a national panic in 1939, sending a clear message to the government that if a single half hour of fake news (the second hour of the program was a more conventional drama) could do so much damage, then the real deal, with news spreading for months and weeks, could topple the country - and the Russians would be waiting for just such a topple, even instigating it, in a way. (there's a theory that the Russians were behind the craft for just such a topple).

3. High-Level Russian Spies in the CIA and Congress: The high levels of secrecy were still in place after we successfully kept the development of the atomic bomb a secret from nearly everyone for a number of years (and detonated the first one just two years prior to Roswell). The Russians' alarming quickness with developing their own A bomb after WW2 signaled that a vast amount of spying could go on at the highest levels of our government. We had the scientists and the money, they had the spies. Turned out spies was all you needed!

 Roswell can be understood then as if a new brand of A-bomb had been dropped unexploded onto the desert of Roswell in say 1936; the agency who wound up with  the technology could rule the world, so it became imperative to keep it away from the Russians, which meant keeping it from the CIA, and even congress; only an inner elite of corporate and military advisors were in the loop, the few who could be trusted. In denying it to the public they denied it to the CIA and Congress,  preventing panic and Russian theft. Within the bowels of the Pentagon there was such paranoia that no one wanted anyone else involved with anything, not one ear more than necessary, and those who were involved were never given enough details to form a picture.

Thinking this through it's easy how the American military resolve could be weakened through commie indoctrination on college campuses. Who knows how many Marxist professors in this country are sleeper agents, left here during the cold war to spread the word and steal secrets? Maybe the whole anti-Vietnam peace movement was a result of secret commie attempts to undermine our place as the western democracy's biggest gun in Asia. Maybe I sound paranoid, but where I work is lousy with Marxist media theorists. But hey. Wanna know why we beat communism? Freedom of speech! Put that in your media and smoke it, Dr. Roswell! The main difference is, in capitalism at least some people get cool stuff. In Russia everyone lives like the poor do here, all glum and self-righteous and shivering by radiators sputtering heat over moldy floorboards; at least that's what we see in movies.

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