"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fox Eats Yr Young: TV's Reptillian Pundits.

Are they just into weird contact lenses over at Fox? Do they have weird issues with their TV cameras that they crack up and pixelate across newscaster faces, and then the newscasters realize it and step off camera until they can 'fix' themselves? I had a run-in with a reptilian model once, but it was Halloween so I think she was wearing contacts. yet she could read my mind, and then she blew it (my mind) and sent me running through the streets, home to tell you this shocking tale.

Even if there's no ultimate answer, I find the slow mo video captures all over youtube on the subject to be fascinating. After all, we humans are complex creatures: our groovy reptilian cortex separates us from common herd animals or even apes (they don't kill each other in cold blood over ant hill rights). Check this out from Crystalinks:
The brain stem is the oldest and smallest region in the evolving human brain. It evolved hundreds of millions of years ago and is more like the entire brain of present-day reptiles. For this reason, it is often called the 'reptilian brain'. Various clumps of cells in the brain stem determine the brain's general level of alertness and regulate the vegetative processes of the body such as breathing and heartbeat.

It's similar to the brain possessed by the hardy reptiles that preceded mammals, roughly 200 million years ago. It's 'preverbal', but controls life functions such as autonomic brain, breathing, heart rate and the fight or flight mechanism. Lacking language, its impulses are instinctual and ritualistic. It's concerned with fundamental needs such as survival, physical maintenance, hoarding, dominance, preening and mating. It is also found in lower life forms such as lizards, crocodiles and birds. It is at the base of your skull emerging from your spinal column.
The ones below seem to have a weird 'eye glitch' that occurs, as if the TV loses control of its fake cover signal and exposes the sliver-pupiled monster beneath (THEY LIVE was no joke!)

Or what about the vids of celebs and glass-eaters with disappearing fangs?

Another reptilian shape change aspect is the 'matrix glitch' - something that often happens of Fox:

Here's the king of the reptilian conspiracy theorists, David Icke.

I find Icke fascinating and have read his book, The Lion Sleeps No More, which I heartily recommend, even though I think he's a little cracked, but he makes me wonder about the Satanic panic of the early 1980s, and the weird link of sleep apnea and sleep paralysis to alien abduction to pan-dimensional resonance.

I personally neither believe nor disbelieve any of it, instead I preach the evils of absolutes --in our universe there is no difference between the real and the vividly imagined, so why pretend otherwise? Perhaps mystics place too much importance on dreams just as scientists don't place enough! But I am also deeply suspicious of the way mainstream psychology avoids these subjects. If there was no proof to it, why not deal with the belief system in an objective manner, rather than petulantly scoffing?

Mainstream science detests vagueness and thinks subjectivity can be transcended through the scientific method. But they're wrong. The people we need to watch and listen to aren't the SETI operators, but the mystics and agents who do remote viewing of alien craft, or channel ancient disembodied alien collective voices. Sure these people could all just be making it up - like science fiction. But then again, where does science fiction come from? The mind knows a lot more than it's telling us. That's the place to look.

Science is scared to 'use the force.' It dismisses all of it as dreams, fantasies, and hallucinations. But we mystics know that sometimes visions are much more intense and vivid than 'waking life' - in a flash the entire universe can be known in an instinctive way that left-brain science will never grasp. Let us re-join our halves - let pharmaceutical corporations hire shamans from the Amazon to helm their research departments! Give David Icke a grant to test the blood of politicians for zygotes!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Radio 1 - BBC Interview with Bob Oechsler (ex-NASA scientist 1993)

The incredulous DJ Nicky Campbell is a bit hostile and dense and keeps trying to downplay how mind-blowing all this is. The description of the aliens meshes perfectly with the 'Second New Roswell UFO clips'

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gnomes and Grays: Videos

Youtube alien and cryptozoology videos: what is real and what is a hoax? If it feels real, if you see it at the right time of the day, when you're unguarded and susceptible to the power of suggestion, the right video can blow your mind. We will probably never know for sure what's truth OR fiction. We should call it all Truoaxes and let it go at that, for to try and find what's real is to miss the point. Have we forgotten the words of John Lennon: "Nothing is real. Strawberry fields forever"?  One may think they're fake but believe they're real. There is no objective reality, not no more.

As I've written in the past, I believe strongly that mainstream science kills the myth and mystery man needs to be enamored of life when it insists on  naming and explaining every last goddamn detail, and displaying such witch-burning hostility towards what it regards as 'superstition'. It's fine that we're no longer always afraid of the dark, but science wants to pin every last butterfly to the board, to dub sea serpents 'river eels' and bigfoot chimapnzee Americanus and quickly nullify the uncanny frisson of the supernatural via dull as dishwater dissertation, lets its authority be usurped.

I understand and appreciate that scientists and academics are entrusted when they get their doctorates with a sacred oath not to go all flaky because now they represent the establishment.  Their opinion is now expert so if they're wrong their whole department has egg on its face. That said, science needs to see the forest for the trees. Enough scientists and doctors and law officers and military men have seen and encountered these things that by now any sane peer review would have crapped its pants in fear. In that sense, mainstream science is, on this issue, exactly where the Catholic church was with Copernicus or the fundamentalists with Newton.

So yeah, I hate shows like Mythbusters and Fact or Faked because I believe we need the scary uncertainty they try to sweep away. We need to strain our gaze in the corners fuzzy home video backgrounds and dark woods at night for little bopping heads or sudden shots of strange stick men walking along pathways. Mythbusters is the new Spanish inquisition, science the new marauding crusaders burning hippies, ancient astronaut proponents, campfire urban myth tellers, and mystics at the stake for daring imply anything might be true outside of what science can measure and submit to peer review. If all the urban legends and hoaxes and campfire bigfoot mystery does is to help us look at our woods with new eyes, it's a lot more than the average dull science lecture ever did. Scientists will tell you what the tree is called. But who called it that? Who gets to decide this is an oak and that's an elk? Why can't we reverse the process of naming and make an elk into something other than 'just' and elk? If we take away its name it becomes a dark strange shapeshifting horned spirit of the forest!


The South American gnome thing really gets me. It's got a crazy pointed hat and a weird sideways 'dancing' walk --but when it decides to come up to you it moves fast and crazy like a spider and kids just can't help but flee. There's an older attack that I can't find on youtube. Was I imagining it?

This one is super small

WIKILEAKS has allegedly released some alleged footage of gray Roswell alien survivor from 1947, and recently I found another 'hidden camera' shot of three grays on their way to a meeting in 1961 I love how graceful they are, how urbane with their slick black turtlenecks, and the way the first two languidly look at each other while walking as if telepathing to each other "what do you think, humans are freaky, right?" One trails behind, sees the camera and turns towards it, his black eyes grow larger as he approaches, and bam! that's it. Show's over.

This collection below is pretty astounding - including the original "Skinny Bob" footage as well as the famous UFO film from Istanbul, the validity of which is enhanced by the presence of Dr. Roger Leir, the esteemed surgeon who's been a pioneer in removing alien implants.

Maybe one or two of the images in the above videos are fake, but what maybe not, and anyway, what is fake? Go to the Natural Museum of History sometime and you'll see nearly everything there is 'fake' - plaster casts or whatever of ancient relics like the Venus of Willendorf. Dioramas of cavemen. Are they 'hoaxes?' Our whole world is fake, man! And imagine the horror of if we knew for certain it wasn't fake.  If we knew for certain all of this Wiki stuff was real, it would almost be too much; our heads might explode. I'd say that even people in the top secret programs are always given the 'out' of thinking it all might be some CIA mindfuck test of their ability to keep it deadpan and po'faced even as the world cracks apart around them.

The question isn't whether of not you "want to believe" as Spooky Mulder's poster says, but "are you ready" to believe? When I first looked at both of these videos, I felt a shock, like a heart attack moment of oh my god, the holy grail - so even if I'm wrong, it's all fake, there is no holy grail, I still got my holy grail in that moment of uncanny heart attack shock. Will you heed the call, and let the awful truth in? Or sneer with your logic-locked brethren until the last shred of your soul is eaten up by mainstream science's deadening devil deal?

Someone out there has been given the awful responsibility of 'preparing' humankind for the big events to come, and what better way than this, by easing us slowly across the line of consciousness from our current level of dichotomy and subterfuge - myth and reality, consciousness and dreaming, fact or fiction, hoax or authentic, CGI or latex. Rather than the aliens becoming 'real,' we will become sucked into the fiction. Prepare to smell like newsprint and saunas!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ALIENS FROM NEW TOMORROWLAND - The Long Lost Disney-NASA Documentary that confesses the truth!

I've read about this 1995 documentary in many UFO books, but never saw it... then realized it might be on the web. Amazing! It's made me break out in a cold sweat. This was made by Disney and test shown in only five cities on local TV to measure audience response (panic, etc), by telling the unvarnished 'truth' instead of the usual cagey question phrasing "Was it a weather balloon?" becomes "the idea of creatures from another planet might not be as far-fetched as we once thought." The spacecraft that crashed as Roswell - "The shocking history of govt. misinformation programs designed to prevent widespread panic!"  All narrated by Robert Urich!


"Scientific verification of extraterrestrial life forms routinely arriving on earth; top secret reports from ongoing military investigations; compelling home videos of alien craft captured within the last few months; world figures who have gone public with their own extraterrestrial experiences; the shocking history of government misinformation programs designed to prevent widespread panic; and personal accounts of those who have been abducted and studied against their will."

" From beyond the boundaries of our perceptions, intelligent beings are beckoning mankind to join the galactic community. It’s an invitation which is both wondrous and terrifying. This is the nature of alien encounters."

And then it ties into a Disney Ride at the end! Now that's genius in diversionary marketing - i.e. "it's toasted!"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Disclosure Happened - You Missed It.

Has full disclosure by the government of the alien presence already happened? I'd vote yes. I'd imagine there's something big coming our way, and this line from the Upanishads bears that out:
"There has never been an objective Being. Knowing this, the rest is known."
 Recently a slew of books has appeared on Amazon from government researchers and whistle blowers that forgo any need to ask 'what if' or 'what are they' and instead not just wonder but tell what they want and what their deal is. Sites like expolotics.org pave the way for a new age of intergalactic understanding and a 'letting' in of electromagnetic propulsion technology, remote viewing, telepathy instruction, and basic universal group mind concepts that we will need to know if we're to 'keep up' with the next big boot in the pants jump of evolution. The Mayan/Aztec equivalent of course would be if new chapters started magically appearing in the local literature on Spanish language, naval navigation, firearms, and Catholicism and how to avoid getting burnt at the stake, to prepare for the arrival of the conquistadors. Though in our case 'arrival' is too strong a word. A more apt descrption would be 'increased visibility' or 'next level' for the next level in a video game doesn't arrive from on high, it was already there in the software, waiting for you to reach it, and by reaching it, one sees it, and to see it one must first know there has never been an objective being who sees these things. Ask any blind man to describe a smell or sound and you know you're missing 90% of what he hears and smells. Same goes for the universal mind. As Obi Wan said, "Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them!"

To unpack that Upanishad, read the Subjectve Bioverse, and Alien Mind and know how to answer the scientists trapped in their chairs who argue the impossibility of time and space travel, the way snails might argue the impossibility of ever making it to China from New Jersey. The folding of space is actually relatively simple except that the government has blocked out all these missing chapters from our textbooks. Instead we must study the blueprints of Bob Lazar, and Phillip Corso, two men who've been easily discredited by a scientific alarm system that protects the heavy grants and bodies of learning created by its own people. While meaning no disrespect to these scientists I've never found any logic there, as the most obvious questions one can ask about such things - the subjective nature of our location in relativity to the rest of the universe, the obvious, jarring disconnect in evolution between animals and ourselves - go unanswered.

 And when Hawking wouldn't even deign to mention the mountains of research done on actual UFOs for his aliens TV show (see my review here), he asked for it. How can a man confined to a chair for life, dependent on computers for speech but able to reach the stars in his thoughts would argue the need for his shell of a body to be lugged on a craft and launched into orbit  for space travel to occur? It smacks of deep wilfull blindness, such hard-head dogma I've personally never heard of outside a Christian Sunday school class. Knowing, fundamentally, that all perceptions are subjective and no objective exists, Hawking should know space travel is as easy as seeing through the mind's eye of someone on the opposite end of the universe, which is no more strenuous than seeing through the mind's eye of someone right in the next room. And that aliens, while being billions of years more advanced technologically than ourselves, would surely honor our self-imposed limitations and delusions of objectivity and only make spaceships that propel themselves along in linear space time, like good little children.

One place the curtain is being pulled back is on the History Channel, with shows like The UFO Files and Ancient Aliens showing more and more and asking if it's true less and less. Still, for all that, in the recent season they may be going too far. Last week's episode on monsters postulated that things like Cerberus, centaurs and the hydra were results of alien genetic experimentation and monkeying around. I can't help but wonder if the show's creators were urged to push it past incredulity to cast doubt on all that had come before by some high shadowed producer. I don't doubt genetic experiments, but personally I believe the answer to the multiple head and arms effect is the 'trail' from seeing beings move outside time and space which is surely where Perseus, Ezekiel and the Indians who saw Vishnu, etc. were when they witnessed them. That seems far more likely than some aliens, with billions of years in evolution at their disposal, thinking a three headed dog would be real cool.

All I can do is feel down in my core for what I think is true, what I've personally 'seen' and remembered, and that is that our scientists are like parents arguing for the existence of Santa Claus when we see our presents hidden on the top shelf of their closet. But it's a pretty frickin' huge Pandora's box if half of what I think is true is true. And part of that truth is that truth is clear only to those who have abandoned all illusions of separateness, and can think in terms of their whole species and their soul life beyond death, rather than get hung up on their current body, and the 'impossibility' of moving out west, to Andromeda, where rent is cheap and jobs is on the way.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Glimpses of the Fourth Dimension

"We're really multi-dimensional beings... we've got a lot going on." - Ann Eller

I've been there in my psychonautic travels -it's scary but wild, so let me tell you how it looks in this visualizing experiment:

1. You are looking at a computer screen reading this right now, right? It's flat, and even if there's a picture of a four-dimensional cube (above), it's still just 2-D in presentation. Now look at whatever's around the screen, the dimensions of the room or whatever's in your peripheral vision around the screen. Make note of everything in front of you, including the air between the screen and your eyes.

2. Now imagine that everything you see around the screen is a larger 2-D version of itself - like you were standing in front of a giant photograph of the screen, the area around it, etc.

3. Now close your eyes for a minute and think about what you see. You don't see pure blackness, do you? No, it's like an electric gray, like maybe a screen that's gone black but you can tell it's still on. Try to see if you can 'tune in' to the glowing screen on which lies these words, even with your eyes shut. Visualize the 2-D picture of the screen and the world around it. Now fold it!! Quick, what's waiting behind it when you fold it in half, or roll it up like a poster? Who is the woman behind the man behind the man behind the curtain? Did you see her? Did she look like she had dozens of arms?

Outside time and space, time and space is meaningless, so for example you can go visit your friend by journeying into a tennis ball in your closet. The moon can be fit into a drop of water. The mansion of the biggest rock star is smaller than the head of a pin. And an eternity in hell can occur in a single second. A second of time is longer than a thousand years. In this land beyond time you are already dead and yet unborn, and your other lives are all connected to your every movement, each decision and variation spins out like an octopus or a many-armed Hindu deity.

A few years ago, I traveled into these dimensions regularly, and I was always confronted by the black hole effect. And what would you look like from far away if you were approaching a black hole? Imagine the way an arm moves up and down like you're pretending to flap your  wings. Near a black hole, each micro-movement would be preserved in your vision, so the arm would look like six or seven arms, in fact like a Hindu deity, like this picture of Kali (left).

 Note for example the multiple faces and arms and legs, and even the multiple heads of her victims. Clearly, this is a deity outside time-space, being witnessed by an enlightened observer.

Interestingly very few Ezekiel paintings convey the multiple faces aspect
  This trans-dimensional vision is not uncommon. I've seen them, and so has Ezekiel, who noted the creature accompanying the 'wheel' had numerous animal and man faces:
And I looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.
Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living and strange creatures.
And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.
One of the visions I had was of being in a roundish room that was like a giant living organism, like a big gas bag stomach that was inflating and deflating and the entire walls/lining of this  gasbag room held grinning demon faces all alike, that seemed  me as if they'd been sleeping a long time and were only barely aware I was in their space:

As I wrote in an earlier post, I was amazed when I received an invite from the Rubin Museum of Tibetan art that had a demon mask on the front, which looked EXACTLY like the face I'd seen in the vision, so I used it to create the best 2-D version I could, above.

Bearing all this in mind take another look at the space around your screen. Turn your chair or move all the way around so you have a 3-D surround view around your head. Now close your eyes and try to do the same thing, without moving your head, just look to the right or left of the black vibrant 'screen' behind your pupils. With the right medication or meditation practice you could adjust the focus of that bright black field behind your eyelids, and what you see might blow your mind.

Your third eye is like a TV set that flickers on by itself around four in the morning when you go into REM sleep, but is otherwise way out of focus and not on any particular channel. My big visionary moment was being able to 'tune' in the exact same vision with my eyes closed or open. With them open I was looking at my stereo and a candle as I sat in lotus position. With my eyes closed, the stereo was much bigger, the candle brighter, like a sun, the stereo like a far off plateau in a sacred valley, but it was the same.

That's the important difference that hangs up scientists. Outside the space-time illusion, all distances are nonexistent, informed only by perception which can be expanded and contracted until the universe is no larger than a speck of sand, and you can travel to California just by imagining it. Every movement of your arm resonates across the universe, through time and space, ala Kali above. That's why these pan-dimensional beings we call angels or 'aliens' are both extraterrestrial and earthbound at the same time. As Jesus said, the kingdom of heaven is spread upon the Earth but men do not see it. Perhaps it's because they've never taken Ethyl, or had a white light light spiritual awakening. Change your perceptions and traveling to Mars is no more of an effort than changing the radio station or watching the clock tick to a blithe standstill.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Fuzzy Matrix: Thoughts and Videos on our daemonic handlers


A Russian discovery - either a nuclear meltdown mutation or an alien baby, or a very small alien...

How small can these critters get? One of the most compelling witnesses lately has been David Eckhart, who took this via camera set-ups using a mirror ball reflection (according to his extraterrestrial sources, interdimensional beings like the greys can only be photographed via this roundabout means).

Here's another of Eckhart's videos, this one more orb-based.

Then of course there's the Stan Romanek case. This is the 'real' video... though it looks like a balloon with black eyes drawn on, to me:

I'm reading Nick Redfern's book, Final Events, and man it's chilling, because I know--I feel--so much of it to be true. It connects a lot of missing dots, like the links between Satanism, human sacrifice, UFOs, Egyptology, etc. I don't fully believe that our visitors are not aliens from outside our planet, I believe that they come from within, and I also believe that there are fuzzy areas where our unconscious minds all merge, a fuzzy matrix if you will, wherein aliens are simultaneously products of our collective imaginations, aliens from outer regions, interdimensional spies, robots, humans from the future, and demons who's main focus is to keep us dependent on foreign oil, so we stay enslaved to soul-condensing thought patterns, unable to see beyond our own mirror egos, and therefore both contributing to and suffering from a collective consciousness / alienation and feeling of separateness, a feeling which is the ultimate end product of enslavement to certain thought patterns, such as those afflicting western medicine, education, and science. Keeping their eyes shut to this obvious link between the age-old myths of heaven and hell, our reincarnating selves of the future, UFOs, and time-space continuum-bending technology and mental powers we're only beginning to understand, I feel personally like the more of this stuff I think and write about the more isane I become.

So is UFO lore a route to madness? And is that madness soul condensing, or soul dispersing? 'cuz you want your soul dispersed, bro, because no fishing net can ever catch the sea, or the air. So the soul farm is all about keeping you stuck on being a fish, or a lone man. Maybe that's why the voiceovers of all the previews aimed at dudes features two phrases: "In a world" and "one man" It's always down to one man, against the world gone wrong. Our action movies have forgotten the camaraderie of Howard Hawks and the family of John Ford. They are instead the urban nomads of Schwarzenegger, junkies of the fantasy with nothing but an over-priced apartment and a receding hairline as an alternative to the land of "one man in a world" soul-condensing fantasiae.

No man is so high that he can reach the top without first touching bottom, using it to bounce back up. It's down there I first realized that getting to heaven by going lower than hell was easier than trying to climb out. It's all changeable with simply focusing on the breath - as we count down to ten and open our hearts, the flames turn to clouds, the dark to light.

All the conflicting reports of who or what or where in UFOlogy shows that these elemental beings are many things at once. The Hindu literature's gods have male and female sides, as well as dual-sided mates, creating an endless amount of twisted children, who can flip from angels to demons like a coin, and whose limbs appear to be so many because of what I see as an effect similar to that of a black hole. When space and time collapse, beings appear with this psychedelic trail because of this reason, study black holes... that's where the answer is, but in order to get there we have to be so dispersed, so porous and light, that black hole will become just like one more girlfriend we're destined to share a whole new universe with.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FBI Disclosure: Is that all there is... to a circus?

The recent online release of countless FBI files stretching back into the days of its formation to handle interstate prohibition and kidnapping issues, is both amazing and kind of, like all such releases, disappointing. The great and powerful Oz metaphor serves well here, especially when imagining what the FBI having a 'file on you' entailed. We imagine such files -- as the notorious ones on John Lennon or the Grateful Dead -- to be packed with surveillance tape transcripts, communist pamphlets, and incriminating sex photos. Instead, well, the files are kind of like what my files at work are for 'student problems' - maybe just a single letter or minor dispute report an agent sent back to Washington on, where was filed, and forgotten.

There's only one really galvanizing file, which is the above report from 1950 by FBI agent Guy Hottel. You can click on it yourself, or go visit the site, or a news report to get the full dirt. What at first seems like official confirmation, on a close reading is really just heresay, connected to old hoaxers to the point where no UFOlogists consider it anything but second-hand fraud. There's a date but no reference to the date of the crash or where exactly in 'New Mexico' the crash occurred.

Similarly, the "Roswell" file is something most UFO scholars recognize as a 'revision' of the general story with the word 'balloon' added. it's a flying disk, 'attached by cables to a balloon' and it's 'hexagonal' and so forth. Whatever.

The "Majestic 12" report is actually a case involving researching an alleged leaked government document on MAJ-12 which the agent labels 'bogus' - even writing it in big print over the text on every page. Whether that itself is a 'cover' or not is moot - as the whole excitement around the FBI site itself is the validity it lends. So in the MAJ-12 case, no validity, just some possible truth and disinformation cobbled together, or maybe just hoaxer fantasia. If this stuff was all hoaxes from the 1950s, why bother to scan it at all, if not to mislead and misdirect and try and get the public and their transparency advocates off the feds' backs?

I wouldn't even bring this up, but I learned about this new FBI file release via a friend of a very science-based debunker-type friend so its quite mainstream - it's made the rounds of Facebook and is being picked up by news sources all over the web. When that kind of news happens, the facts don't matter so much as the 'belief' and the validity that's associated with being released on the official FBI site. Only a few of us will read closely or know enough already to see that the documents say nothing whatsoever 'official' aside from indicating the overall lack of interest the FBI had overall in the UFO phenomenon. But when enough people latch onto something, it 'becomes' real. In other words the truth is coming out thanks to the public's inability to read into the evasive language of official cover-ups! Poetic! Ironic! Maybe even intended.

But of course, at the same time, people are still scared not just of having the curtain pulled back to see how puny we are in the face of the vast cosmos, but of looking stupid if it all--every last thing--turns out to be a hoax, such as the International Business Reports' version of the story:
Not only is the information not first-hand and far removed from New Mexico, it is connected to a 60-year-old hoax that resulted in a conviction for fraud. The memo was the end of a long chain of tale-telling. The Hottel memo repeats a story from the Wyandotte Echo, a legal newspaper in Kansas City, Kansas in January of 1950, which was repeated to Guy Hottel by an Air Force investigator who read the story (and pasted into a memo himself. Such practices were common in the days before scanning documents was possible and memos had to be typed out). That news story draws from the account of a Rudy Fick, a local used car dealer. Fick got the story from a two men, I. J. Van Horn and Jack Murphy, who said they got the story from a man named "Coulter" - actually a radio station advertising manager named George Koehler. Koehler got the story from Silas Newton.
But the idea of what is what's not a hoax is far from important this late in the game. What is important is the 'viral' news aspect - the 'breaking story.' For there sources, like ZME Science who aren't satisfied with the above debunking:
...a surprising move that didn’t get quite a lot of attention, the FBI released an online document archive they’re calling the Vault, in which they openly address, among other things, the alleged aliens and flying saucers found at Roswell. Yes, it’s about little green men, like the ones who are usually portrayed in movies. The memo at the core of this documents, named ‘Flying saucers’, was written by an FBI agent named Guy Hottel, and if the actions and pictures depicted within are for real, then I have no idea why this isn’t all over the news. If they’re not for real, I have no idea why the FBI would release them; either way, there’s something strange about this.

The decades old memo states that “three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico’, citing an Air Force investigator. There is also a short description of the flying saucers: “They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter.” “Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall.”. What’s weird is that after the alleged UFO crash, the newspapers from all over America, and the world, were screaming about the incident/accident. The army issued that press release, but less than a day after that, changed its mind, claiming that in fact they were dealing with nothing more than a few weather balloons that crashed. Of course, nobody was satisfied with this explanation.

The memo not only states that they were in fact flying saucers, but goes even further, and states that there were three bodies only three feet tall inside them. He also describes their clothing ! An FBI memo explains that they thought they were dealing with flying saucers, and there were humanoid bodies inside them ! Something everybody has been trying to be silent about suddently just got very loud with this memo, and it’s absolutely strange, to say the least. Even though this memo doesn’t represent FBI’s opinion, it does represent that of an agent who was at the spot, and in the center of events, so this is absolutely huge; and I’m not talking about comics, sci fi movies and all that, I’m talking about figuring out the truth.

Yes, it's terrifying; the 'disclosure' has begun far to the left of the dial as I and many others have predicted. I'm betting we'll never see an official announcement bigger than the ones we've already received by generals, astronauts, The History Channel, Fox, and now the FBI. But like good sheepherders, the inner circle world leaders know you have to give the masses an out - a way they can avoid asking 'what do they want?' and 'can we stop them?' and 'are we their pets?' and just focus on the question - are they real? And that question blocks out all the others, like the wizard's curtain, and all they have to do to keep that curtain up is make every shred of evidence and disclosure at least on some level 'dubious.'Wrapping truth in lies is like putting peanut butter inside one of those rubber cones you give your dog to chew on. They know it's there, they can't get to it, but they kind of can, and so they are occupied for hours, distracted from their prison of existence.

Similarly, we have the perhaps intentionally clumsy Roswell cover-up: Just throw some cables and a deflated weather balloon on top of the shipment of real crashed disk remnants going to Washington. Toss a rubber alien corpse from a sci fi film near the actual crash site, or replace disc material with aluminum before presenting it to the press. Don't blame the government for this, it's actually heroic, even noble.  It's their job to protect and that means mentally as well as physically. Why incite panic if there's nothing anyone can do to stop the aliens from treating us like cattle, and our cattle like snack cakes of which they only eat the middle and throw the rest away? Why wake the sleeping prisoner? Let him keep dreaming he's not in jail. Otherwise his plaintive wailing is too heartbreaking. The government is being a good dad, telling us there's no such thing as monsters even as they're chomping on our psionic auras. If you can make the kids believe that souls don't exist, they won't know to complain when theirs is yanked away in the night by grey poachers.

Within all that subterfuge, the terrifying truth is clear as day - as much as you can handle, and as little as you can't. If and when this 'story' gets too big in the viral Facebook interweb news universe, there will be a follow-up report denouncing the 1950 memo as merely second hand news. But first, they'll let the interest brew up - it's no different than the old masters of ballyhoo who had to promise sex to sell tickets but couldn't show it due to strict censors - so it was all about the 'sizzle' not the steak. In this case, the sizzle is needed because the suckers need to acclimate, salivate and prepare... just like striptease films were needed to pave the way for hardcore pornography. As of now, America is still underage and can't get in to see the 'main attraction,' but that doesn't mean they can't take pictures of the tent, and listen outside for music, eager and alive for every scrap of info that might tell them how they got their father's eyes.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Twitter and the Greys: Dawn of the Human Hive Mind

If we only use 10% of our brains, who is using the rest? It's a safe bet it's not just going to waste. In my opinion we're like bandwidth that aliens tap the way we might hop on a neighbor's wireless internet. When we 'enlighten' ourselves it's like we take back that width. We find our neighbor's spying and we change our password. In general there's so many unconcsious people out there the aliens don't worry to much if a few humans take back their power. The mass of us being so unconscious of that power makes it all but useless to the rest of us, and maybe in--as in the case of a messiah, sorceress, or LSD guru--a liability, especially if we become too influential and the aliens manipulate public opinion to have us burnt at the stake, spread on the cross, or tossed in the slammer for forty years for a non-violent crime while murderers and rapists are out in ten.

But they can't keep us down forever, and the way news is being disseminated 'instantaneously' around the world via Twitter is something so revolutionary we've scarcely begun to fathom the possibilities. Surely the riots and protests in the Middle East would not have been the same without it. As it was--barring internet shutdowns--protesters and rebels could find out what was going on all over the country, where soldiers were, weak links, etc., faster than any police dispatch radio could ever hope to achieve.

Now, compare this with the 'hive mind' mentality evinced by the greys, especially as reported via remote viewing and imagine a future where no one needs to twitter and IM and text each other the news because it's all done instantaneously, mentally, and you have the dawn of the human hive mind - everyone will feel everyone else's pleasure and pain, and we'll all know each others' languages, instantly, even a few seconds before the thoughts occur, as humans already can do as proven by experiments with variable electron trajectories.

In the next few years, perhaps post-2012 and whatever revelations occur, there will be the moment when our technological geniuses realize that 3-D screens, touch keypads and implanted inner-ear headphones won't be enough. We'll want to get rid of the technology altogether and move into biological enzymes that act as highly advanced microprocessors. Imagine being able to turn on 3-D dream-like movies inside your head, or to flip through hundred of billions of brain wave channels, all without worry about batteries or eyestrain. In short, we'll have the same inter-connected reality that spirits outside of space-time have, and we'll know exactly where they are and how long we've been here.

There will be drawbacks - say you're a guy and about to make love to a beautiful woman - have you ever felt the sudden surge of 'presence' within yourself? Something 'comes over' you? These are spirits seeking to tap into the cosmic heat you're generating. Notice that as soon as you're 'done' the feeling of presence leaves? That's generally a sign there will be no conception occurring - no spirit waiting around to try and move into a fertilized egg and be reincarnated. Well, soon it wont be just spirits, the whole world will be one giant sex club where hungry ghosts and bored cable surfers seek someone else 'plugged in' whose sensual moment is worth experiencing. Crime will cease as we'll all know 'who did it' - maybe even 'be there' when they do, maybe even guide their hand... but more than likely we'll be able to pinpoint the squirmy brains, and euthanize them. Too much information? Don't be squeamish! The future has no place for humanist hand-wringers. We must leave our compassion, our fear, our petty lusts and desires behind like spaceships leave their booster rockets... otherwise we let the majority rule, and the majority are reactionary, terrified, blinders-on livestock for the parasitic 'bandwitdth bandits" of outer space!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Greys on Film (or The Certainty of Probably Falseness)

Youtube is alive with alien videos, and even if one out of the dozens and dozens is real, then holy sh***t! How come we aren't running in the streets screaming like Chicken Little? Shall I tell you why? Because the rest of the videos are hoaxes, and hoaxes defuse the terror of the unknown, the fear that something vastly more intelligent than ourselves is lurking at every threshold of reality, watching and waiting and sometimes letting itself be caught on video, just to gradually prep you for the big 'announcement' of disclosure. For as long as man's been afraid of the dark, man's been drawing what scares him. In creating an effigy of the unknown, he diffuses his own paranoia.

Take for example this short video circulating of soldiers with a detained grey:

or this one, almost certainly a stop motion animation fake, but still terrifying in the way it seems to suddenly appear in the corner of the bathroom and come shambling forward at a great speed.

If real, it would fit with many alleged photos of greys with long arms that seem rather poorly developed - as if drawn by a 14-year old comic book fan, with mismatched fingers and no elbows. Are these arms perhaps manifestations of some spirit energy? Or are they just screwed up silly putty Stretch Armstrong-style limbs on a Toys-R-Us puppet being held from above? Who knows what weird limbs these weird creatures have? They might model the Toys-R-Us alien on the real one in order to make us dismiss any real videos as fakes.... I wouldn't put it past 'em.

The main thing about these alien videos, the thing that allows us to view them without having a heart attack, is the absolute certainty that most of the evidence is fake makes the realization that others might actually be real easier to bear. Conversely, the idea that even one may be real makes the faked ones exciting... yet safe. The certainty of possible falseness enables us to look into the face of the alien with courage. Our fear of looking gullible to our peers trumps our fear of the unknown. We'd risk death scoffing at a grey in person, rather than act as if the being is real, and have it turn out to be someone in a suit playing a prank.

This is the secret of the 'true' tales of terror heard around campfires, about hooks on car doors on goatmen wandering the Maryland forests and other stuff that scares you even as you know it's probably untrue. As the makers of shows like BLAIR WITCH and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY know, the more we think something is real, the spookier it is, even if we know, deep down, it's not. In just a few seconds or minutes these youtube films can spook us just as much, and get us thinking about the aliens in our midst, but since its from the safety of the position that it 'may not be real' we can digest this terrifying meal with several savory grains of salt.

Here's one I don't believe is real, but nonetheless find scary. Just thinking about this fitgure being able to 'see me' through the layers of time, space, and media. Who's to say these beings can't reverse engineer code and look through all our CRT screens at us? Or code every satellite transmitted phone call with subliminal mind meld messages?:

I tend to scoff at shows like TV's Fact or Faked which thinks it can prove things real or false by recreating them with their amped-up techs. Fellas, just because you can recreate something doesn't mean jack, and second of all - nobody elected a bunch of brazen gearheads the arbiters of what's real and what's not; you are the epitome of left-brained scientific research, which 'needs' to eradicate all mystery from life.

The real truth is: whether these videos are true or are faked, there's ultimately nothing we can do about it. We can investigate sites for evidence but we can't march up to Area 51 and demand answers and get shot, or write the aliens an email and ask "was that yours or a frisbee?" The idea that we can prove these images real or false and that will 'solve' them may be comforting, but it's useless. Go ahead and keep trying to take control of the situation by judging clips of video, see where it gets you. The basic fact of the matter is, something is out there and it doesn't want us to know about it. And we're stuck! All the analysis in the world won't change anything. Fact or Fiction? Yes or No? Alive or dead? One thing my own experience has taught me, you'll never get an answer stuck on dichotomies like that. It's only when we no longer need to have a straight answer, no longer need a big government other to come and explain it all away as sun spots so we can sleep at night, only when we see past the veil of all opposites and illusion... only when we realize our own imagination is as real as God, and that every day was our first and is our last, and will never end, and that even these words I write are dictated to you by an alien force, and that we are all as kittens to these transdimensional beings, we may as well love them and be as calm as kittens about it. And just like kittens aren't exposed too fast to the outdoor world after being born, so our alien owners keep us in this safe little box, spoon-feeding us visions and guidance until we're old enough to escape.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Luke Brown: Third Eye Gomorrae

Salvia Dalinorum (reversed) - Luke Brown c. 2006
Visit Spectraleyes.com to see more genius works by this artist. His name is Luke Brown and according to his website "His art has been shown internationally with such visionary heavyweights such as Alex Grey, HR Giger, Robert Venosa and Ernst Fuchs. He is currently a resident of the lush Elfinstone rainforest in BC Canada, one of an infinite number of parallel universes in which he resides within simultaneously." (more here) One look at his amazing art, and I don't doubt these words one bit.

Greenman - c. 2004 Luke Brown
Baphoment - detail (c. 2006 Luke Brown)
Seeing his work for me is like a man who's been to Africa and no one believes his stories of giraffes and elephants, then he goes to the zoo and is like "wow! So I'm not crazy!" Beeee-yootiful!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Whoa!! The High Voltage Larry Carlson!!

My buddy Max just turned me onto this guy. Dude! I've 'seen' a lot of this stuff on my astral voyages! We used to call this kind of bloke a 'high brother' - check it out if you haven't already heard of him.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

From the Satanic Rite to the UFO to the Afternoon Nap: Sleep Paralysis is coming to get you!

Alexander Binder c.
Sleep paralysis: just because science has a name for it doesn't mean it can't be supernatural. There is undoubtedly a link in all the above phenomenon if for no other reason than the idea of moving in and out of alternate reality.

    The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli 

    "Every movement became impossible, and every scream was smothered by the plant material that was growing around his mouth and throat. Thoughts raced through the mind: This wasn't a nightmare, the reality of the room was far too distinct and his perception and thinking were far too clear. Were the plants taking revenge on humankind, or had aliens conquered the planet?" The above account sounds like a scene from a bad horror movie. But it isn't. Dr Stephan Matthiesen, a physicist at the School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh, sent me the account last year saying he had personally experienced this terrifying scenario and lived to tell the tale. It's taken from his book The Normality of Altered States of Consciousness. Dr Matthiesen is a scientist and looked for a rational explanation of what had happened. He was right do so, because what he had experienced was an example of a surprisingly common phenomenon known as sleep paralysis. Many similar experiences have been reported to the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit I coordinate at Goldsmiths, University of London.

    One of our students, Peter Moore, used to suffer from sleep paralysis on a regular basis. One night, for example, he awoke to find himself unable to move and with a strong feeling of tension across his chest, making it almost impossible to breathe. He could see his bedroom and managed to tilt his head, only to see an evil-looking black cat sitting there hissing at him. But what was most terrifying about this vision was that the cat's white skull was inverted and dripping some sort of black goo. By a huge effort of will, he finally managed to break out of his paralysed state with the intention of attacking his visitor, only to find himself delivering a right hook to thin air. Jeremy Deane, a fellow student at Goldsmiths still suffers regular attacks of sleep paralysis, particularly if his usual sleep pattern has been disrupted. 
    As is often reported, he can experience multiple episodes in a single night. His experiences typically involve paralysis, difficulty breathing, strange proprioceptive hallucinations such as his body vibrating, and bizarre "hyper-real" visual hallucinations during which objects may metamorphose into nightmarish objects. For example, clothes lying on the floor may become dead bodies or a ceiling fan might turn into a "faery" with the blades as wings and the central bulb as an animate, speaking face. In his own words: "The experience is usually terrifying, but I have been able to control it and sometimes it has been very pleasant (occasionally there can be a sexual element, or 'floating' feelings accompanying what appears to be an out-of-body experience). "Common images are bearded, goblin-like demons laughing or whispering sinister speech, a faceless girl (usually covering her face with hair, moving around in bed moaning and feeling my body), hands appearing from the wall and attempting to strangle me. A hung man talking in the corner of the room, and some of the most bizarre experiences may include up to a dozen 'critter' entities (think Gremlins movie) laughing and talking about me. The environment tends to feel like a holographic dollhouse, the experience peaks and then the hallucinations mysteriously vanish when I regain control of my body."

    ....Although most people do not opt for a paranormal interpretation, the experience is so common it only requires a small percentage of sufferers to do so to account for the very large number of claimed paranormal encounters. Sufferers can be just as terrified by the experience even if the episode does not involve any ostensibly paranormal content, sometimes experiencing their unwanted intruder as a burglar, a murderer or a rapist. Even sufferers who are well-informed about sleep paralysis and do not experience the more florid symptoms described above still experience intense fear unlike anything they experience in waking life.

    This strongly suggests that the fear is not a consequence of the experience but an integral part of it, possibly caused by over-activation of the amygdala, the part of the brain that is responsible for fear. This is illustrated by an account from Lori Ball, a healthy 53-year-old woman from Ohio who is not only well-informed about sleep paralysis but is actually cognisant of what is happening to her while it's happening: "I try to scream (though I have great difficulty making any sound), attempt to flail around, anything, to get the attention of my husband. It is a feeling of panic, entrapment and desperation so horrifying that I have difficulty describing its magnitude. "If my spouse notices my discomfort and responds, in my mind it's never soon enough. One cannot simply tell me to 'wake up' and tap me on the arm. Often I need to be shaken somewhat to be fully present. At that point I wouldn't care if he slapped me hard as the terror of being in that paralysed state, totally helpless, is overwhelming. Knowing that it will end eventually is of no comfort. Every second is hell." (read more here, at the Guardian)
Afternoon naps are often strange affairs that are a bit like fishing in the unconscious sea and being able to examine your catch in the sunlight, rather than the all-night net casting deep sea drift of real 7-8 hour sleep, where you awake with your catch long since released or sold at market, and nothing to show for it but sleepiness.

When I read David Icke's descriptions of Satanic rituals conducted by the ruling elite in service of their reptilian overlords I think of ROSEMARY'S BABY and the Satanic panic of the 1980s, and yes, to an extent I believe in the Satanic 'repressed memory' phenomenon, but then again, this is nothing new --it goes back to the Middle Ages. One of my own relatives, great x8 aunt Mary Easty, was hung as a witch in Salem, MA in 1692 (another relative, Mary Edwards, escaped). And I see the current mindlessly draconian persecution of non-violent drug users as similar to this hysteria, a hysteria that could only be born of misunderstanding, fear and resentment towards those who dare hint that this reality may be only a stepping stone to something far stranger.

Some psychedelic drugs 'open' your eyes and mind to vast dimensions which the average person, terrified in his little suburban shell, doesn't want to see and so fears. Those with opened minds will then have an advantage in seeing these things, so the timid average person wants to make it illegal to even look. It's paranoia but I think simple 'paranoia' doesn't quite describe this phenomenon. Who hasn't been resentful about not being included in a special invitation, not invited to the party? Drug users often form their own inner circle clique, not unlike what conspiracy theorists imagine is going on in the highest levels of power, only in this case the concept of 'power' is itself being undermined.

Someone deep in an LSD experience for example, can move completely outside the mind-control grip of 'Power' as embodied at the highest levels of law, capitalism, military, police, education, medicine, etc. The whole structure these elite groups have set up is revealed as just one belief system that's been ironed onto the forehead of its controlled population.

On the other hand, this power elite-instilled 'dream' of 3-D time-space is very easy to stay in, and hard to escape for long, and people live their whole lives in this dream - never daring to doubt that you must do whatever your doctor tells you; never question what they give you to take; never doubt you should pay your taxes or obey the rules; never question the common opinions that have you sneering at the ideas of UFOS yet believing half-heartedly in Jesus. So you're always trying to hedge your bets, afraid of looking foolish (but to whom?) if you commit 100% to your beliefs, and then they turn out to be false.

In the below flow chart you can see how dark negative energy (the dark green) works in the overlaps and cracks between different forms of reality. We're trained to dismiss nearly everything but the yellow and maybe some of the black (whatever small part of it is useful psychoanalysis) but in failing to comprehend the whole structure we're like flowers who presume their root system has no relation to our daily life since we can't see it, therefore we should cut ourselves off at ground level, and if we die then it's our own dumb fault. Perhaps we've been trained to think this by evil groundhogs who want to eat up our roots and so what better than to convince us they don't matter? Thus the DNA code strings our scientists don't understand are dismissed as 'junk.' And sleep paralysis can never be more than what it looks like from the outside, sleep. 

 Questions asked about the difference between alien abduction, Satanic ritual, hypnotic regression, and sleep paralysis are in the above chart answered, though the boundaries are still elusive (hence they are ovals of dark green, meant to signify the mixing of the different colors, though the chart didn't come out right, so you have to use your imagination). Still we may ask: at what point does an alien abduction differ from a nightmare? At what point are false memories created as a kind of warped mirroring of the hypnosis session itself? What if the grey aliens you see are just living versions of the African statues in your hypnotist's office? On the other hand, why did she get those statues in the first place?

David Icke strongly believes in the idea of a widespread Satanic-reptillian network of sexual evil and powerful ritual at the highest levels of government, but is this all occurring in the same 'conventional' shared reality, or on a higher psychic plane? I'm thinking of the children in the 1980s whose hypnosis-derived testimony sent dozens of ordinary people to jail. The hypnotists found, after awhile, that the more sessions of hypnosis they conducted with the kids, the more and more lurid and ridiculous the recovered memories until it became obvious the stuff these kids were recalling could not have possibly all happened, at least not all of it, otherwise there wouldn't even be time for these kids to make it to school, or eat dinner.

Time collapses in these repressed memories, so is that a result of the cover memory's distortion of the truth, or are these rituals and abductions occurring somewhere outside of our conventional time space 3-D realm? Is it a place that is somehow in-between sleep and waking, as occurs in sleep paralysis? Maybe sleep paralysis and hypnotic trances are our most vulnerable states, and aliens and Satanists wait for us right in that gap between consciousness and dreaming, like Kodiak bears positioned along a tricky bend in a salmon stream. In other words, the repressed memories aren't memories at all, but happening right now, in parallel realities to the experience of the hypnotist's office.

When I was five I was deeply traumatized by a nightmare that started from what I assume was the urge to get up in the middle of the night to go down the hall to the bathroom, but I was so tired I fell asleep in front of the bathroom door, and as I was sleeping slowly kicked it open with my foot, but instead of the usual bathroom floor there was a giant white tiled, brightly lit pit below the door frame, like a gigantic institutional bathroom, and at the bottom sat a huge man, at least 18 feet all, with jet black hair and beard stubble, wild-eyed, in a hospital gurney. I tried to get up and get away but I was powerless to move or resist. He grabbed me in the stomach area with his huge hands and proceeded to just push his fingers into my stomach and chest, causing me excruciating agony while he laughed a huge laugh. It went on and on, the agony was unbearable. I woke up in the morning feeling traumatized by the pain and was afraid to go to sleep for months afterwards.

Now in the light of our pedophile-centered society that could easily be read as a 'cover memory' of being molested, either by a home invader or my own father. However, even in the morning I knew it was a dream and had no fear of my father or anyone else. I remembered it vividly, but it had no associations with anything 'real' - what it most resembled was something I saw a bit later, Nightmare on Elm Street, only without the knives and crazy hat.

So on the one hand it was just a dream; on the other hand, the pain I felt was so real I remembered it and felt it for weeks. So what was it? It was certainly one of the most traumatic things in my childhood, but no one could help me cope with it beyond assuring me it was 'just a dream.' Still, was I in fact molested by some astral traveling psychic mental patient spirit monster, ala Bob in David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS?

I would say now based on the weird 'facts' I know from the above chart, that I was sucked into the green area from the dark circle of my dreams (see above chart) and mauled by a maniacal spirit who had somehow managed to crazy his way into the spaces between our collective conscious realities... a kind of Bob / Freddy Krueger hybrid. Strange as it sounds, nothing else makes sense.

I would say that in this model then, sleep paralysis would be a kind of tractor beam from the dark green oval at the top of the chart, pulling those too close to the edge between sleep and 3-D wakefulness into the hands of the grays or whomever wants to screw around with our astral bodies.

All this doesn't mean I doubt the validity of real 3-D space time abductions both by aliens and Satanists as well. Children disappear all over the world every day, and it's chilling. But I do think there has to be more to it than one or the other, just as there's more to nearly everything. When we get into this ritual shit, we're talking about opening dimensional doorways, so these layers which are usually separated are suddenly bled together.

This also explains the vast network of Satanic ritual memories 'recovered' via hypnosis in small children. With a little coaxing I'm sure I could have 'recalled' my dream in Satanic signifier terminology, and perhaps it was a ritual; perhaps this guy had a lock of my hair or something and was using it in a black magic ceremony somewhere far away in his white-tiled mental institution cell.

 In terms of hypnotic regression and 'recovered' memories couldn't it be that the person under hypnosis is describing (when dealing with both alien abduction scenarios AND Satanic rituals - don't forget in each one the victim is generally lying down on a table of some sort, i.e. sleeping) what is happening in that moment? That is to say, the process of hypnotism and being under the control of an authority figure / hypnotist / doctor is immediately fictionalized, given the cover of dream symbolism, and returned to the hypnotist in this symbolic variation.

I don't mean this theory to sound 'simple' or to rationalize a very real unknown. The validity of these 'recovered' experiences, such as those recorded by Bud Hopkins, have been verified by independent sources (i.e. two abductees remembering each other under hypnosis, even though they had no actual contact outside of the 'experience.') to the point I personally think alien abduction is by now, by any sane thinker with all the facts, a given, and anyone who thinks it's all made up is living in sheltered denial.  Dr. Leir's recovered implants alone are enough to convince, probably, any sane jury in the world, were the greys on trial.

That said, we're still talking about beings who clearly are not limited to the 3-D time/space linear swamp of human perceptions; they probably work beyond even our own conceptions of life and death. That said, they may just find it easier to 'get us' while we're sleeping and/or passing from waking into dream or vice versa, like highwaymen waiting behind trees on the road to grandma's dream house, and also on the stairway to heaven. These beings travel not through outer external space, but through the fissures of reality that we can't yet see or explain.

If western science doubts the validity of these ideas they merely show themselves to be in their own private dark ages. What science can't explain can fill a book, and what a book it is!
Trying to pin this stuff to a linear time-space-matter-consciousness model is like arguing the impossibility of space travel due to the great distances between stars, as if no other conception except linear space time is possible, even though Einstein and atomic physics have already proven otherwise. Scientists in the 19th century would have scoffed and hung you for witchcraft if you told them it would soon be possible to fly from New York to California in half a day, or talk to people in real time on other sides of the planet via small portable black rectangle. That, they'd tell you, will never happen --the distance is too great. As for putting man on the moon, ridiculous (though David Icke maintains it still just might be!).

But not all science is hear-no-evil reductive. The more physicists find out about the way electrons work, for example, the more astonished they are as literally everything the crazy mystics of thousands of years ago ever wrote is proven true. The problem is, physicists are too left-brained to recognize the full implications of their findings, and other fields are reluctant to take these discoveries very far along into practical application, since the results would be too much like witchcraft! One day our scientists might even have the nerve to let go of their proton colliders and lab coats altogether, and just take a bunch of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and float in a deprivation tank again, like William Hurt in ALTERED STATES. What they experience might show them the myopia of their thinking when it comes to space travel and alien life. In insisting on using this very rigid, positivist model of reality, they shut out a good 99% of 'reality' itself. They're like Amish farmers smirking off ideas that one could ever reach California in less than a day, considering their horses can only go 12 miles an hour.

Man Ray - Marquise Cassati
Our fear of being laughed at, in the end, makes snide laughter and establishment peer pressure the best defense of the status quo,  but maybe that's how it should be. Just as my parents in their ignorance or long range vision didn't freak out over my child abuse nightmare, and so let me gradually shrug it off as just a crazy dream and move on with my life, so does science collectively deny the reality of the wolves outside our camp perimeter in order so we can sleep at night (because why admit a threat exists if you can't protect anyone from it?). And don't forget, the military started doing experiments with ESP, telekenisis and astral viewing and never really stopped, they just said they did and told mainstream science it was all bunk, encouraging them to sneer and deride at anyone who thought otherwise, which the mainstream scientists did, like good little pawns. And who can blame them? The military is responsible for our safety, and it's for the good of the sleepers to think that whatever they can see within the range of the camp fire is all there is to the universe.

But the TRUE danger is in forgetting the wolves really are there, outside the perimeter of waking reality, to the point you sneer at and ridicule even the person being devoured. Everyone is a boy who cried wolf as far as you're concerned, until you're the only one left, brandishing your left brain contempt like a soggy torch as the wolves close in from all sides.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Blue Testament: The History Channel's Hot Hot Hell

Watching the weirdly theologian-ish "The Gates of Hell" on the History Channel this weekend was a pretty intense experience, but once again--as with so many quests for holy knowledge-- seemed bogged down in first laying out a very dogmatic and literalist interpretation (i.e. you can get to Hell via volcanoes) and then arguing against it ("of course you can't"), with smarmy scholars who note that as far as eternal torture goes: "Those who call it Christian pornography may not be far from the mark."

I've seen and experienced various hells over the years: school, bad trips, adverse medications, fevers, withdrawals. I've had nervous breakdowns where I would have gone to the hospital had I been in any condition to speak or dial 9-1-1.  And I can tell you that we can get used to anything, even agony and total panic. If there's something beyond that, well no one's been able to pick up a pen and write about it.

But I'll try. Lately I'm seeing all the dots connected, the underground military bases where the Reptilians live and store body parts and soul energy in little foodbar-size batteries that seem to the inhabitants like a small cell that create excruciating pain and despair (you might say our despair and pain are the voltage we produce, so we have to be 'milked' -- the way slapping on the cow's dugs creates creaminess). And there those poor souls sit, trapped in the underground spaceship's battery pack, their inner light and sense of self reduced to a a 5th dimensional Duracell.

Thus "an eternal abyss of death and damnation" feels far longer than it is, but then that's the catch to living outside of time and space: a minute not only seems like a lifetime, but terms like 'minute' and 'lifetime' become meaningless.

I recall the big argument against teaching creationism at the climax of INHERIT THE WIND, that God couldn't have made the earth in seven days if there was no 'days' before earth was made (since there was no way to measure a day without the spinning axis of the earth). That catch-22 is all over the idea of 'eternal' damnation - eternity is the same as a hot second when you're beyond the confines of time and space, and stuck purely in the eternal moment. "Eternity" simply means outside the confines of linear time. Ghosts from 200 years ago don't feel they've been sitting around that long; they don't feel any concept of time. The Tibetan Book of the Dead talks about a 49-day time limit between bardos, but they mean 49 Earth days, which may only seem like a few hours to the one stuck between stations.

Of course there's the fractal nature of it all --as above so below and so here now-- what in one dimension are giant tweezers lifting you from the hell of a Bunsen burner to the spiritual ecstasy of a cotton swab are God's bony fingers plucking you from Satan's ever-blooming flame garden back into your body in another; a sudden surge of pineal gland activity is also a 'mere' fevered hallucination (to a psychologist) or a spiritual vision (to a shaman). A stoner might just see it as a bum trip, a monk as a moment of doubt, a Beverly Hills housewife as a nervous breakdown --but they're all just words and if we let them narrow the scope of the event experienced, that's on us. Society devalues the subjective experience, so that a blissful summer of psychedelically kick-started connection and awakening is boiled down to 'dude, I was so fucked up at Burning Man.:

The questions these History and Nat Geo documentaries never ask are the most important ones of semiotics: what 'you' do you mean when you talk of "being" in Hell? How is possible to be "imprisoned" after you cease to exist? 'Your' body is on a slab in the morgue so what part of the 'you' construct of a physical body with a brain and soul winds up "being in Hell" after you are dead? Is your physical tactile body present? Is it an out of body perception? If you lost a toe in fifth grade is it back? If you died at 99 are you still stuck in an old body or do you get to be 21 again? A 'trapped' consciousness is what exactly? What is the difference between dreaming and reality in the afterlife?How do we see and hear without eyes or ears? Not all of our psyche/soul lives on. Other parts may fill the gap. When the lightbulb burns out, the current is still there, but it's not illuminating.

Well, who put us in this prison of consciousness? The Devil, Beezlebub, The Zionist Conspiracy, or our own alcoholic slice and voth? One guy on "Gates of Hell" documentary talked of the out-of-body experience as feeling like he was standing up, his legs moving below the bed and through the floor, when he was lying in a hospital bed. Dude, I've felt that in my futon on the floor, upside down, so that my head was sticking through the floor, and right above me (i.e. below my bed) were a team of ghost greys tinkering with my brain. I was afraid to let go all the way because of my breathing - it was like a fallopian oxygen tube stopping the bubble helmet from sealing hermetically around my neck.

I would advise that when you're getting sucked into the Reptilian devil's vacuum soul collector remember that your soul is like a balloon, and the more happy and carefree and full of love it is the more inflated, airborne. The Reptilian devils want your soul to be half-inflated, in a little squirmy rubbery thing, all closed down and thick in density (the seven deadly sins are notoriously awesome soul-condensers) they can catch in their vacuum bag, while the inflated one just rises past the vacuum's reach. The demons are not too worried about those. Their job is to shake their fist up at the soul and seem mad; but when the catch is this huge you salute the plucky few who got away.

And if you imagine all that like a literal vacuum, or think the gates to Hell are a real volcanic place, then I think you're off the mark... not that there's not (maybe) reptilian bases all over the world but I don't believe the Old Gods that Lovecraft hallucinated and who control our politicians are to be taken literally, which is why they try so hard to make you think on those 'literal' levels. Indeed those literal levels were created for just such a concealment. A fifth dimensional being who wants to exploit you is going to convince you that there is no fifth dimension: "I don't know why, but I really don't want to pay attention to the man behind the curtain. And I think anyone who pays attention to the man behind the curtain should be shot." It's only when you look behind it irregardless of what the culture mandates that these incongruities reveal themselves.

Amen, but in this case the man behind the curtain really is invisible, so the only way to see him is to blow a lot of sage smoke around to get his outline, and that's why he never hangs around when a 'clearance' is properly done. Conversely, the more blood you spill, the more the green head projection may become solidified. Connect the dots and the difference between vampires, Reptilians, Satan, and God/s all but disappears.

So the 'you' who thinks the voice telling you to sacrifice virgins to the volcano is just your psychosis or insanity, it isn't the real you at all, but there's a 5th dimensional astronaut ghost puppeteer holding your strings, who will drink up your virgin's crystal-white energy like it's Tang, and he will drink and be defined by her blood, like in HELLRAISER, and indeed Hell shall follow with her.

So how can you avoid this hellish soul sucking? Follow these handy steps:

1. Smoke - Reptilians hate smokers! Our soul energy gets all warped and invincible from the magic spirits of tobacco, and the smoke of the tobacco works similarly to sage as far as spirit repellant, though New Agers don't want you to know that. Keep incense and sage burning all the time.

2. Love Everybody! No exceptions. Imagine the people you hate the most and say prayers for them. Get right with God, i.e. your whole self which is the content of all you survey, hear and enact with.

3. Be light and happy in spirit, and help and be kind to dogs and animals.

4. Do unto others as you would if they were the you that you thought you could be, like the old man on the street is your child, the old woman a friendly kitten.

5.  Amass not great fortunes. Wealth breeds reptilian interest, and their insatiable greed and corrupt blood will bring you tumbling down into the abyss. Jesus said "A rich man entering heaven is like a camel going through the eye of a needle." You can read this in some sane way having to do with archeological finds, or you can see it as the way all souls enter heaven, for the camel to go through the needle it would need to be liquified and poured, long, slowly and steadily through the eye via an elaborate tubing process. It might take years, but that would seem like an eternity outside the cozy realms of space time. Isn't that the message? That we're all hanging on the ledge and having a comfortable dream that we're actually alive and safe in this ever decomposing and growing world? It's spinning like mad, this crazy planet we live on!! So spend and give freely, and never say no to a chance to sell out so you can infiltrate and dissolve the infrastructure of the Reptoid elite.

6. Be not obnoxious in your wisdom, for it doth turn real fast to dogma -  Millions of people have lost touch with God and their Whole Self by presuming all faith is the same as the shrieking preachers and pious, dour old ladies from their childhood, being bored and restless in uncomfortable clothes on a Sunday better spent amok, and girls who stay virgins until they're married, by which time it's far too late to realize they're frigid and hate men. See? That was good advice. This doesn't mean you need to be nice to someone who means to do you harm, but just kill them with a kind heart, or take their blows the same way. It makes a difference!

7. Learn to melt, dissolve and evaporate your brain. When the demon gate guardians come, just open your arms to embrace them and become light and love and they can no sooner harm you than a blade can harm a ray of sunlight or a radio signal, for that is all you are, a combo of the two. Their job is to make you think of yourself as matter they can slice to ribbons.

It's comic the way we're trained to imagine our souls die when our body dies, that this is the common theme of atheism. Oh man, that's the true fantasy. If we didn't have to come back, how glorious! But it's ridiculous to think that, mere wishful thinking. Does the radio station die if you turn off the receiver?

That's hell - not being able to change the radio channel from your prison documentary perception as a living, thinking radio. Switching up into higher frequencies is so easy it defies possibility, hence is too impossible to relate in words. It's more about forgetting than remembering, more about giving up opposites than choosing good over evil. When you are at that level you are no longer the angel or the devil but the man taking tickets at the fight. And you are the bleachers, and the cheering throngs, and the broom that sweeps the blood. So clean up your hell ten feet square and get out of the ring. You don't even have to stay in the building. As easy as a shadow creeping across a graveyard, you exist unstoppably. You are the ocean and the sky and here in this dimension is where you, we, twist into clouds. And from our uneasy altitude we look down at the ocean like it's trying to kill us, to drag us back down, and the sun is trying to evaporate us from above, but somehow mocking us for we'll never make it all the way into the arms of its bright promise, and so we feel trapped between them, when all the while, we were them, and will be again, and again, and already are.

I guess one can't blame the History Channel for not picking up on that, but they did a reasonable job with Ancient Aliens so all is forgiven.