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Friday, March 23, 2012

the Bigfoot-Ancient Alien connection- solved!

Watching tonight's episode of Ancient Aliens as a bunch of cryptozoologists theorize what's up with Sasquatch and why can't we catch 'em,  I'm quickly signing on to add some aspects they forgot:

1. Our DNA is tampered down, which is to say a lot of our 'junk DNA' is disconnected. We're like parrots with clipped wings, while Bigfoot's are unclipped. If we could access all 100% of our brain, 'turn on' the dormant DNA, we could do some of the things Bigfoot does, such us 'skipping' through time, being able to wink in and out of existence (and thus avoid capture). In fact this is why they are so evasive... they're on the run if you will, from the castrating scissors of the greys. Another metaphor would be when the IT guy comes to upgrade your laptop at work and in the process 'upgrades' you to not be able to access the internet anymore --the bosses thought access was reducing output. The Bigfoot is technically and older more primitive model but can still access the internet, so when the IT guys knock on his door he just vanishes into the bathroom with his laptop until they've moved on. Eventually his software is so incompatible with the the company's continually upgraded mainframe that he's not even registered as an employee. He's seen only once in awhile--late at night--by a scared cleaning lady who walks in on him in the bathroom.

2. The story of the great flood and all that - the Annunaki wanted to wipe out the last race of ape-grey gene splice gold mining slaves (the big Nephilim/bigfoot/Goliath/titans) and start again because they made us in their image and likeness and with many of their powers, their ability to tap into the higher dimensions of consciousness (there are nine total), to vibrate their Kundalini energy in and out of existence and forward and backwards through time, and into alternate dimensions. So when this earlier gigantic race learned how to 'wink out' they no longer wanted to mine gold for their masters. They had the power to hide, and went on the run. The next wave of hybrids had these aspects of the brain shut off, the wings clipped, and were smaller--less uppity, more easily impressed by light shows.

But the cleansing flood couldn't reach the high up mountains, which is why the bigfoot and yeti are often found up there.

3. The reason Bigfoots are sometimes witnessed getting into and out of UFOs is explainable as either a kind of bigfoot terminator or traitor, working to infiltrate the bigfoot colonies, or various 'friendly' alien visitors--the equivalent of, say, Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves. The bigfoots on UFOs would be like the old Apache trackers signed on with the US Cavalry to help them hunt other tribes. Some Native Americans were eager to leave their tribal way of life, become Christians- - that's something our apologist liberal literature forgets, preferring to go the other way in focus (the Costner)

Riding with the wolf metaphor then, this taps into what I talk about on this site re the common snide dismissal of contemporary lack of evidence alien visitation, etc. "Why don't they land on the White House lawn?" It's like saying if we want to research wolf packs in Alaska why don't we go into their den and challenge the alpha male to a snarling contest then wag our tail and let them sniff our crotch? Instead we do what the aliens do, zap them with a tranq dart, haul them into our mobile lab, tag them with a tracking chip so we can study migration habits, draw a blood sample, measure them head to tail, weigh them, look at their teeth, take some photos and DNA samples, and release them back into the wild with no explanation or apology to their pack. But there are also humans who hunt them from helicopters, so forgive them if they think we're all evil and to be avoided, hidden from, which is not hard as they can smell us coming from miles away.

How do I know all this? I asked my 'channeled' guru panther animal spirit guide! Believe it or not, that's what he 'told' me, in the weird non-linguistic way that spirit guides will where you ask your question while in a trance and "remember" being told the answer as a child or a dream or all along time's spectrum. Now, he's quite a trickster as I've learned on more than one occasion. But this all makes a lot more sense than some of the daffy theories they had on tonight's episode, so I'm posting it here. Make of it what you will, and remember, the truth is so strange no language can encompass it, so never be afraid to leave language at the door when entering the higher planes!


Anonymous said...

Bat shit crazy you need help

Peter Gomes said...

Aliens are different. This simple tautological assertion problems. And it is not only a problem if you are talking about the 'boat being full' because ideas of integration and multiculturalism also deal with the "problem alien".

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