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Monday, June 30, 2014

The New Line of Alien-Human Hybrids - Wilkommen auf der Future!

Reading the myriad paranoid conspiracy theories (Zionist banker cabals, reptilian mind control human sacrifice, etc.) can be dispiriting, but one aspect is safe, fun, and educational: marveling at the ingenious 'familiarization / acclimation' process by which humanity gradually learns to not even notice the presence of certain alien species. Above gathers several alien-ish chicks I've seen lately - the tall blonde from Garfunkel & Oates (soon to be on IFC); Sky Fierra, that one model, and the mom from Orange is the New Black --the hybridization process, my friend. The more we see these exotic girls with the big far apart eyes, the thin blonde or light brown hair, small noses, sharp chin lines, the less we'll notice when  the full-bore aliens walk amongst us. Though why they're even bothering, considering the whole planet's going to be underwater by the time they're all down here, I do not know. But then again, I'm not a Nordic alien, though Nordic blood is within me due to Swedish ancestry.

Viktoria Winge
She's not called 'Sky' for nothing. 
 But here they are - in the media - with their big eyes, spaced so far apart on features of such uncanny perfection that maybe you think, "hmmm - something's a little different" - and paintings or photos of presumed actual Nordic aliens would seem to bear this out. Nordics are the aliens you hope you meet (the only ones, near as I can tell, who are both benevolent and here in the actual flesh - as opposed to the thought transmissions from my own home in the stars, (according to some online quiz), Aldebaran, or was it Arcturus. Either way, I've 'met' though that's hardly the right word, a few of these alleged beings in the ether beyond space and time - some are terrifying but none can get you if you have perfect faith in the power of love to see you through. Sounds corny, but it works - you float right past them. So practice love and letting go of fear every day - you're gonna need it.

I'm of course not saying these beautiful creatures above report to some cosmic control; they probably have no idea of where their genes come from anymore than we do. How do we really know who we are anyway? If you've ever come out of a deep drunken black-out maybe you know what I mean - think back to that strange moment before you come back into your body and begin to assess where you are--how the previous night is 'gone' and you don't know where you are or what's with the big gash in your leg, and who's that creature in your bed? Don't ask, it's only the wind. If you wind up hosting the hybrids, just be open, forthright, honest and true. They can read your mind anyway - they probably know I'm writing about them right now!

Anyway, here are some interesting internet threads on this woven throughout the paranoid web - they all lead back to the beginning, but the whole thing of the aliens speaking German and wearing black uniforms and acting regimented is discussed at Paranoia Magazine (Close Encounters of the Germanic Kind). I appreciate that the author never wavers from a healthy skepticism in reporting the facts and the general theories and reports (on Valiant Thor especially).

Jill, Donn, Valiant Thor - 3 alien visitors
He tried to tell Nixon how to cure all illness but Nixon wisely said no. We need them.
 Click here for more on the Thor

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Katy Anders said...

As someone with huge eyes on the far sides of my head, I resent your dangerous and diligent research.

Erich Kuersten said...

I resent your referring to my wildly paranoid piece as "diligent" - and anyway, your eye space reflects the more dragon-based royal bloodlines of the UK islands, the ancient Celts, royal bloodlines, and druids - a whole different constellation

Blake K said...

Erich I've recently realized that I am indeed a nordic-Earth human hybrid. I essentially look like the girl with brown hair and blue eyes in male form. It's funny that Sky Ferreira is a hybrid as well, because I've always felt drawn to hern and I am a fan of her music. I have always felt "alienated" from my peers (lol), now I know it's because I have a nordic soul. For your amusement here are some key differences between "us" and other humans on this planet that I have gathered through my experiences:

1. Intuitively spiritually awake. I have always been "awake", when I discovered spiritual writings it only put names onto things I already felt inside.
2. Faster nervous system. I remember even as a child I was able to easily outthink others around me. My reaction time is also noticeably faster than others.
3. Pale as a ghost. It takes maybe five minutes for me to sunburn on a sunny day. I don't really tan well either, despite my parents both being very tan.
4. Very strong and muscular. I have been able to become stronger in weightlifting than other people who have trained twice as long as I have.
5. As you've said, very good looking. Everywhere I go, women look at me like a piece of meat. Nordics are clearly more perfected versions of humans, so of course those who have been given some of their DNA are going to look better.

You can learn more about the Nordics and their agendas here. One thing to correct in your article is that they are a mix of positive and negative beings. No ET race is fully positive or fully negative.


OEL M said...

It's bullshit. Aliens doesn't needs permission from nobody to cure any mortal sickness or ask president permision to descent in White House garden. If they want they can wipe out us from the face of earth. They play games with us. They are liars. They are useless to mankind. Those bullshit kind of nordic races aren't what you think they are. They are not espiritual beings but very advanced ones and their womans were created like blondes beautiful whores playboys to obtain with them the maximun sexual pleasure and cum benefit. If we would give them an open welcome with open arms very soon this planet would become the alien "whore home" for interbreeding. They are incestuous and libidinous. They were sexual rapist in the past and they did mass sexual rape. Sumerian account exposed them as the anunnaki.They were sexually interbreeding with earth women and had they had sons with aliens.

Erich Kuersten said...

Yikes.... a whore home, huh?

Anonymous said...

All I see is guessing why vhen.. That whole thing lol.. But they are here and most of population just rejects even existence of otherworldly beings.. And I doubt that ve have anything they need except flesh and psychological food..