Friday, April 30, 2010

Uma Thurman is from Venus

Is Uma Thurman a descendant of the race of tall blonde aliens often referred to as Nordics, and sometimes thought to be from Venus?

Some would say: Yes.

In the late 1940s-50s, there was a fella, George Adamski, who'd met Venusians, he said. This was one of the drawings he did of one of them:

At a 1950s Brazilian UFO conference, a mysterious Venusian queen with her two consorts showed up and savvy (or nutso) attendees pegged her instantly for the Venusian in Adamski's drawing:

The Nordics are one of the alien races that monitors our progress here on earth. What does that mean exactly? Just remember when you were a kid in grade school. Parents and teachers made sure you got the right tools, but then they'd hang back and let you figure it out, learn, for yourself. Now imagine the Venusian Nordics are your parents, and if they go home after dropping you off at kindergarten (at the dawn of human history) and come back to pick you up at 3 PM when school's out, we're talking maybe a million years instead of six hours. Adamski was likely an NSA disinformant, but the Nordics might be real, they're our space mom. We've already forgotten we have a mom coming to pick us up. We think we live here, in grade school Terra. 

The Nazis got involved with these beings via mystics and human sacrifices (maybe), and its thought the blue-eyed blonde haired Aryan represents a strong Venusian/Nordic alien genetic splice bloodline. This through the Thule society. Check out this hot psychic who channeled UFO technology to the Nazis, Marija Oršic:

Part Nordic goddess? I'd say yes. She so fine. So now let's get over to Uma:

She even played Venus! In Terry Gilliam's Baron Munschausen.

Uma's father, Robert Thurman, is a renowned scholar whose translations of Buddhist texts like the Book of the Dead have helped eastern philosophy become more popular in the west. In a future post I'll detail some of the connections between alien races and the demons and spirits of Buddhist mythology, but for now, let's just imagine a Buddhist scholar chosen by ancient gods to raise one of their own, ala the myth of Moses. Just imagine the shell that bore Venus from the sea was an underwater spacecraft (USO) bringing her to the shore to spread love, poetry, chivalry and a hierarchy of beauty with her blonde, blue-eyed self as the perfect 10, thus ensuring her race's descendants in the human gene pool are given preferential treatment from then on:

Some Nazi-alien connection buffs theorize that the Nordics and grays are collaborating on this human experiment / boarding school we call life. Apparently there's some contention over the Jews, because the Jewish soul is old and hard for the reptilians to eat. If the Nordics are the mom, the reptilians might be the evil principal of the school, controlling, punishing and shooting down your ideas of being an artist because 'you're too stupid, and we need more factory workers.'

Like, why are we torn between the herd mentality of the mammalian instinct and the 'every man for himself' cold heartedness of our reptilian cortex? Who profits from our remaining in dark ignorance and suffering? Have you ever meditated and felt your magnetic energy flowing northwards, as if it was being siphoned off you by some giant magnetic vacuum?

There's room in this world for a million interpretations of any single event. What we can all do in the meantime is try to understand just how important and vital every single second of our lives truly is. As vast as the universe may be, a single selfless gesture or act of random anonymous kindness can shift the whole cosmos into a higher level. Feel it to be true - and next time you meditate and pray to the Gods, give some love to Uma.... sweet Uma. Can she please come pick us up, and take us on a magic carpet ride?

For more on Adamski and his Venusian friends, check out this blog entry at: Lon Strickler's essential Phantoms and Monsters.


GeorgePlastiQDiamond said...

I always thought that she was from somewhere else other than the earth.
Her facial features are so strange.

I was searching for Venusians today , and as Omnec onec , George Adamskis girl from Venus photo and Uma share aproximately the same facial features.

Flying Tiger said...

And of course the day after Adamski died, someone encountered a Venusian called Adama, who came out of an Adamski style ship... True.

Erich Kuersten said...

Thanks Tiger and Diamond - you're both damned right. Nordics pick some strange dudes like Billy Meier and Adamski to hang out with when they should hang out with me! One thing I read said that it was because only relatively simple people could handle the massive brain twister minf*ck that is meeting a Nordic.

Jefferson said...

Amazing article!
But I should make just one observation :
Regarding Nazi's obsession through Nordic Aliens influence, I say it's wrong. Lizards used their (nordic) image and influence Hitler to mass murder in order to their (lizards) goal to an alien invasion.