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Sunday, November 25, 2012

One Weird Moon: films by David Childress and Kenneth Anger

Herewith are two films about the moon which together I think really illuminate the high strangeness of this incredibly bizarre planet. They are by David Childress and Kenneth Anger,

"The more you know about the moon, the more far out it gets, and the less you really know!" so raves extraterrestrial archaeologist David Childress, who you might know well from the History Channel's beloved show ANCIENT ALIENS.


He makes a good point about how strangely the moon is situated, and so perfect in size, that it covers the sun perfectly during eclipses are very, very telling - the equivalent of an alien astronomer signature. Was the moon brought here and shaped just so ancient astronauts could view the aurora? I love his excited nasal enthusiasm,

This video is Rabbit's Moon by Kenneth Anger, which I like but never dug the soundtrack he did, which was basically an LP side of moon-related doo wop. This is the shorter version Anger re-cut in 1980, about half the length and with a different rock song-track as a present for Stan Brakhage's son. Man oh man, don't you wish Kenneth Anger was your dad's friend? Or that we could escape the hypnotic pull of that old rabbit moon? AUMmmmmm

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