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Friday, November 30, 2012

Don't Eat my Pineal Gland!

I recently picked up the magical pineal gland activator kit from Jonathan Goldman. I'm glad I did. Use it along with the pineal gland activator cream (from Daily Om) and listen to Goldman's "Cosmic Om" on full blast and you're really resonating! Another way is to guzzle a lot of Robitussin.

But Robitussin really only works well if you have a fever, and then you want to keep that ball in the air and the fever is gone. How you gonna do that? You can feel Maya's nets closing down on you, lowering you back into the egoic third density slime of time-space and me-first consciousness! Well, that's where Goldman's tuning fork, the music, and the cream and the long periods of meditation come in. Take the time! It sure is worth it. And by all means, research the miracles of the pineal gland. It's your ticket out of here. Don't believe me? Look back through history and you'll see, with your third eye!

There's a veritable treasure trove of trenchant pineal pics over on this Secret Knowledge of the Ancients page (part of logoschristian.org). Though it's funny because after all of this awesome pagan stuff, a pastor shows up and says "no thanks, I'm already bound for heaven via my faith!' Well, I salute this pastor's confidence but sometimes it's good to know about all the exits, rather than just the one you've been promised. Beware a spiritual tradition that says all the other traditions are whack. It seems shady, and I doubt Jesus would have run around telling Buddhist they were going to hell if they didn't convert. In the East for example they respect all the other traditions-- "many paths with the same destination." At any rate, logoschristian points out the patterns well. This one fairly dropped my ball:

"Here is a picture comparing the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian god, with the pineal gland in the human brain. Can you see it?"

Now there's a theory going around that the whole mummification ritual thing was to leave the pineal gland "on" and transmitting, perhaps via one of their strange casqued batteries? In their way, the ancient Egyptians were light years ahead of us. Of course they had "help."

As I wrote over on Divinorum's sister site, Pswar of the Saints: 

And as I've written elsewhere, mummies as receivers for space broadcasts is no fiction, unless the Inca mummy on the moon is some foolish hoax! 

Not called the MUMmers for nothin' 

The pope hat, the conehead of Ackroyd and Newman, the Pine cone, the Pineal Gland, the Saint that come marchin' in Mummer's Day parades and Mardis Gras Gris Gris - it's all the same resonance, as seen in the mummy space stations of the moon and Egypt. Notice the recurring ideas - energy transmuted- beamed - across vast distances of time and space - instantly through the crystaline structures of the pineal gland - the transmigration of soul energy - peace that sutures together the stray strands life and death, time and space, and body and soul. Vibrate along, without judgment if you dare! Snicker if you choose at the pineal's resemblance to the circumcised mushroom cap head, but then wonder which came first, the pruning of the phallus to resemble the pineal / mushroom, or --- no, that one came second. the pruning came second, there's no wondering. I was just beamed the answer.

Hahha --- mirth activates healing and serenity! Never let your insecure ego confuse spirituality with piety; never confuse serenity with sanctimony; never confuse dour righteousness with right-thinking. Truly it is written (in the script for HEAD), "Never loan money to a man with a sense of humor.


AeoolusAthene said...

About 1954, when I was a lad of 8, as I walked between 2 galleries of mummies, maybe 8 on each side, (at the Chicago Museum of Natural History), I suddenly felt their eyes glaring down at me! I ran terrified back to where my parents were at, in an adjacent hall. I'll never forget that absolutely unnerving sensation! At the time, I knew nothing about the spiritual aspects of mummies, but now I suspect that there was a brief connection made between a their desiccated third-eyes and mine. Your insightful comment to wit: "mummification ritual thing was to leave the pineal gland on" intrigues me, and offers a theory as to the mechanism of how my experience occurred. Btw, has the tuning fork, cream and audio done anything for your awareness? I have been trying to find a method or device to assist me to active my third-eye, so that is why I am asking. I have throughout my 69 years experienced infrequent but vivid visions, perhaps 1 every 5 years or so, but now I want to enable myself to initiate such visions instead of passively witness them. Be well, AeolusAthene

Erich Kuersten said...

the tuning fork isn't much on its own. Can barely remember the cream. It's been awhile. I kind of saw what I wanted to see, for the nonce anyway - so haven't been making the trip, if that makes any sense. What I'd most recommend is DXM + a light sound machine used in conjunction with a shamanic or Buddhist chant CD,and then, when you're almost at some kind of breakthroguh BAM - a hit of Salvia Divinorum - and go back into position - then hold onto your hat. There are slower, mellower, less drastic ways to accelerate the process, but as a writer I think it's important to bring 'the old self' new places rather than changing the self to get there, which leads to a lot of new age bliss-style writing that only the already blissed out will be able to stand (when I'm in that zone, I write on <a href="}http://medsitation.blogspot.com/}>'Medsitation' </a>

I hear you about the once every five years - for me it's three, and each time I can make it last a little longer - though always under two months (generally in the fall and it never lasts past the holidays, which are always the slow apocalypse of any spiritual seeker)

AeoolusAthene said...

I thank you very much for your reply. You have saved me from another dead-end purchase. I know that you are a genius from whom I could learn valuable data that could amount to puzzle-pieces with which to fill-in gaps of my fractured understanding. When time allows I intend to bask in the radiance of your wit and wisdom. As an aside, I am impressed, even after perhaps many centuries, that a "mummy locus" remains activated, seeing as how there was contact made between those corpses and myself! Questions abound, such as: if their physical brains were removed and placed in canopic jars (just guessing because I don't know if any such containers were in proximity at the moment of contact), could those ancient processed pineal glands or perhaps other brain-portions have come into play? Or were brain tissues irrelevant in that those loci were magically installed in another area of those mummified bodies? Or were the entire corpses charged talismans designed to afford the departed spirits a convenient portal for re-entrance into physicality at will? Or were points-of-contact designed to facilitate exit of the departed spirits into higher densities, as in establishing a grounded 3D pole connecting into a 4D "Jacob's Ladder" device? Or were magickal golem or artificial elementals placed in those husks to function as tomb guards? Do similar potentialities exist in other unexcavated tombs, and if so, for what purpose? And what would it be like to astrally enter the mummies to see things from their point-of-view? What, if any, phenomena did those mummy "intelligences" perceive as I naively strolled between their upright mummy display cases? Was the entire scenario of my vignette pre-planned centuries ago, and if so, then for what purpose? Could it be possible that there is more than meets the eye regarding the typical mummification-agenda conducted in ancient Egypt? Is my scenario indicative of a representative sampling of a much deeper esoteric agenda inferring secrets derived from epochs pre-dating the Egyptian Dynasties? Ah, if only my brain were sufficiently awakened, then maybe I could answer my questions. And I could also get to the bottom of my close ufo encounter of the first kind (about 40ft proximity) on Mt Palomar when I was about 11? And I could also discover the meaning of my visions in which I experienced spontaneous clairaudience one time, and either remote viewed or travelled to other realms a number of other occasions? I am really frustrated with my apparent lack of ability to grasp the reins of certainty and control. I don't want to wait, I want to initiate! I'm tired of being jerked around by life, puppetized as it were. It is as though I have had a taste of wonder, then slammed back down to this garbage dump to share the lifeform of all the flying monkeys posing as civilized humans. Call it Divine Discontent, but I feel betrayed and abandoned by the gods whom I once adored and bowed before! But Erich, thanks for getting back to me, because I find it increasingly difficult to find accord with these semi-sentient beings with whom I must, for now at least, endure the imposition of subsisting in human form and sharing in their insane milieu. Yours truly, AeolusAthene p's', please visit my Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AeolusAthene/posts
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