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Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 is a memory: No Apocalypse, No Aloha

So 12.21.12 came and went. There were no aliens, no volcano erupted, no meteor crashed, no new anything happened and yes haltingly I stumbled like an off-guard Republican at a press conference. I should have cried, or conveyed my sadness, which was even then too deep perhaps to voice. Ah, I said, but the change is within. The change is within us all. The 2012 event horizon is where the personal and the universal meet. Yeah, right.

This is, unfortunately what even Ancient Aliens doesn't understand. There was an AA marathon last night and they were talking of Nazi archaeologists using Buddhism's secrets of astral voyaging --going outside the confines of space and time-- as the foundation of some time machine they had created underground in Hungary somewhere to travel back and forth through time.

Why would space travel, which is (allegedly) how 90% of alien travel is done to begin with (just as 90% of our communication now is via cell phones and Skype and email), have anything to do with actually lugging some physical body around outside of space and time? The ONLY way to do that is by going through black holes (allegedly), so if your nowhere near one, you're never going back to anywhere, anymore than you can use a chute in Chutes and Ladders if you're not on that square. So it's only when earth is way way close to a black hole in the distant future will we be able to travel back to here, which is how I know, and I've said too much.

If we will ever master time travel, we've already mastered time travel.

As I wrote last month on Acidemic, the horror of facing an immanent personal apocalypse is what makes Xmas movies so cathartic -- i..e. Scrooge crying on his own gravestone while the ghost of Xmas future wags its skeleton finger, or Clarence showing the distraught Jimmy Stewart the dreariness his absence would portend in It's a Wonderful Life. So how could the impending doom of some long-ago predicted doomsday be anything but a guarantor of holiday cheer?

We should of course feel grateful nothing did happen, and find comfort in little everyday miracles. For my family on a dreary Xmas Friday it was finding the face of an alien (left) hidden in a bag of red potatoes! Or in the various jokes and wisecracks, at my expense, as usual. Or the sudden terror I felt when alone here in Arizona in Fred's house and the darkness of the desert night so sudden and ominous the way the pink ridge of evening just plunges straight to midnight made me think the aliens had come for me and had their ghostly trans-dimensional hands around my heart.

Maybe the surest sign of alien intervention is the relentless sameness of our world, where a minor disaster here and there effects only one side of one country, one power grid here or tornado path there, never enough to bring our status quo to a halt, never enough to wipe away our credit card debt in a huge burst of magnetic energy, or enough to wipe out all life through a super volcano eruption or massive meteor strike.

Someone is surely looking our for their investment.

Eckhart Tolle writes about working with inmates on death row and getting them to let go and embrace the light of pure consciousness through meditation. The change is so incredible that oftentimes the result is some sort of governmental pardon, but then -- since the void is no longer so close, the inmate goes back to coveting, scamming, lying and bargaining. Now, in 2013, they'll never want to market all the 2012 doomsday warning documentaries or rerun them on the History Channel. But we'll know this is all a dream, a colored cartoon carnival, an exact duplicate, a remnant, a thought, a sound wave beamed from the inter-galaxial fractal connection, and we are now living on repeat, a holographic image projected over a wasteland world.

Knowing all this won't help, but it won't hurt, and if life is going on just as before and it's annoying the hell out of us, maybe that's on us this time. We just can't wait anymore for some giant heavenly hand to pluck us off into some new dimension, we have to carve it out ourselves. It sucks, but it's true. As the technician said in Close Encounters of the The Third Kind, "it's the first day of school, fellas." -- and I don't wanna go, mom. I'm sick. I've been putting off the dentist, and the doctor, and career-planning, quitting smoking, and drinking Diet coke, all on the off-chance the world ends anyway. Now I have to face the music...

 (originally posted in a slightly different form on Acidemic - on 12/22/12)
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2012 was never supposed to be an apocalypse, it was the end of an old age, and the dawn of the Age Of Aquarius.