Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"I hope to God it's a fake" (Why Hoaxers rule and Mythbusters suck)

"Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them." - Obi Wan Kenobi

Some folks may groan, but I consider myself a true skeptic. By true I mean I don't 100% believe nor disbelieve anything. Sometimes we need fakes to help us process the real. The title is a quote from Whitley Streiber when looking at the controversial "Victor" footage.

Rock or Man? (Mars) depends on
whom you ask
Maybe because I'm a Pisces, a twin sign, and so I don't even believe in astrology even though I know it's true; a paradox but not for Pisces.

And I hear that advanced atomic physicists are beginning to make the same connections between the smallest human emotion and the vastest star - the butterfly effect reaching from planets and moons to our moods and whims like master puppeteers. Will science catch up to astrology within my lifetime?

But I've been friends with a few super intelligent paranoiacs and narcissists in AA, charmers for whom crazed ghostly stalkers are quite real, based on personal 'experience' though many such phenomena have vanished simply by adjusting their meds and I love to listen to their crazy tales of strangers stalking them through SPAM e-mail codes, or breaking into their houses just to move a few boxes from one end of their closet to the other. Because... in the end... who knows? Maybe they're right.

They can be very convincing, these paranoiacs, and listening to them my blood gets cold, like it used to when at summer camp in Maryland hearing tales of the Goat Man around the fire.

Autopsy sometimes passed off as authentic
The HoaxerS 
then make is a bane to the existence of legitimate researchers in fields like ghosts, UFOs, demonology, and occult conspiracy. And yet their real crime is only in getting caught in their lie, and even then only if they fleeced some suckers out of money, or if anyone believed them in the first place to the point their buzz was killed by the news of the fakery.

Maybe I'm lucky in that I don't believe anything I see --if my years as a psychedelic warrior have taught me anything, it's not to trust my own senses, at least not 100%, Descartes clearly never dropped acid. Therefore just because I see it doesn't make it real; just because I don't doesn't make it false.

the 'bigger' picture
But I still hate finding out some engaging mystery that beguiled me was just a trick, either of a prankster, attention-seeker, profiteer, or misidentification of weather phenomena. I feel a knee-jerk anger when something that was blowing my mind is dashed against the rocks of scientific grounding, snarky prank laughter, or contemptuous "Myth-Busters."

Take for example the high strangeness told by the amazing David Icke. I love this guy, but his latest book is so crazy I had to quickly shelf it and wait for a time when my mind was more stable. The deeper into the rabbit hole he goes, the crazier he sounds, but it's the kind of crazy that makes my head vibrate in uncomfortable ways, the imprisoning frequencies of Saturn punishing me with a remote controlled dog collar zap to make me put the book down, or just putting it down the way I might walk to the other side of the street to avoid a maniac shouting about lizard people stealing our souls. As a Pisces, I can believe he's right AND he's crazy at the same time, and vice versa.

It's because I understand how myths help cement our dreams and imagination to reality - they are the phantom missing link wherein the unknown elements of external reality link up with our unconscious. In other words, dreams aren't less 'valid' than 3-D waking life reality. We ignore the portents all around us at our own peril. To the left and the right of the '3-D space time' radio station we stay stuck on waits great, crazy frequencies, full of light and angels in one direction, darkness and demons in the other. But are those dimensions real if we don't turn the dial? How do we know?

We know the appearance of solid matter is itself an illusion. If we moved the dial so that we saw even ancient rock as vibrating energy, wouldn't that in fact be 'truer'?

BUT --if everything supernatural and paranoid should--hypothetically--turn out to be false, then hoaxers (and mis-identifiers) are the true saviors of our temporal realm. For without urban legends, high strangeness and unexplainable monsters in the woods, basements, and lakes, the world, it would be a much more boring place.

DECASIA (film decay, not the ocean floor)

For example: I believe Bigfoot is some kind of actual being, but not fixed to time and space as we understand it. So I don't think we will ever find the bones of a bigfoot in the swamps because if they could die, they'd have died already.

I believe our government did the right thing burying the Roswell event in 1947. We'd just been in a war. We needed the rest. We still do. I believe they haven't really hid anything from us, just cloaked it in enough disinformation and doubt that those who want to believe it was a balloon can go back to sleep, and those who want to seek the truth can find it, more or less.

It's like if your five years-old and always pestering mom: where babies come from, or rather, if I came from mommy how come I have daddy's eyes and hair? That was my question since I had dark hair like my dad and my mom was blonde. My mom fielded the questions the best she could while I bounced on their bed and she got ready for whatever Mad Men-era bridge party. She never lied, never talked about a stork, but just fed me tiny pieces of nonsexual info, and let my curiosity and kids in school fill in the blanks. When another kid told me the gross mechanics involved, of course, the biology was wrong, but it was the general idea, but it was so horrifying to imagine (that's where you pee out of!!) we could accuse kids of lying, or getting the facts wrong.... until gradually we accepted it with our changing hormones.

"It took me sooo long  /  to find out /
sbut I found out now"
If mom had given me those grotesque facts, I wouldn't have been able to deny it, couldn't accuse her of lying, and I'd never be able to look my dad in the eye again. In other words, Mr. President, plausible deniability.

Now, apply the "where do babies come from?" deniability to American's empiricist question "are we alone?"

Okay, so one day the parents thought the kid was still in kindergarten but he sneaks out and comes home and finds his parents stark naked fucking in the living room, going at it hot and heavy. Busted! The parents don't say "well now you know, now you figured out the secret of why you have your fathers' eyes, welcome to adulthood son." No, they quickly yell at you to wait outside, run upstairs, get dressed, come down telling you to forget what you saw. You need to find out about this stuff in pieces, some kid with a dogeared Playboy here, confusing scuttlebut on the playground there, finally a fifth grade health class.

In other words your parents probably don't want to keep you in the dark about sex, but they don't want to be the ones to tell you, at least not until later. And that is correct of them. They are your authority, your arbiter of the real. Until they confirm or deny what you heard in school, you can relax in the idea the kids MIGHT be wrong; you can only imagine or puzzle out the mystery of procreation with your friends, but if it's too much to imagine, or accept, you can deny as their version is unconfirmed, and unsubstantiated by evidence.

Eventually you won't need the parents to confirm or deny, but no one can tell you when that will be, that's the whole point. 'Disclosure' is always 'about' to happen, but it never can, by it's very definition. We each have to make our own paradigm shift.


In this sense I've always felt the Mythbusters were doing a great deal of harm to the world, in venting their own juvenile destructive desires on our most precious illusions, they rob us of all our freedom to perceive life as it it really is, dangerous and full of unknown quantities! Clearly, there's a need for UFOs whether they're 'real' in your definition of the term or not. If you have cable you can find a paranormal show of one stripe or another nearly any time of day. The only bad ones are the ones with some smarmy so-called skeptic folded into the investigative group by bet-hedging producers. This is usually a smarmy kid who acts like his believing witnesses is the most important thing in the world. He's hostile to anyone who saw anything; until he believes it, it's not true. See my Zealot of Doubt: why skeptics are the new cranks.

That's fine by me, I just won't watch your show, but know one thing, Mythbusters and UFO research team 'skeptics' you are not TRUE skeptics. I am.  Nyeah!

Atheists, for example, are not skeptics, nor are smarmy hipsters who think their science degrees mean they can't even address the ideas of ghosts and aliens without snarky laughter and derisive eye rolls. That's not skepticism, that's condemnation based on one's own false impressions, or snap judgments of 'the type of people who believe that rot.' There are far more true skeptics in the UFO community than outside it. The naysayers are so rigid in their conception of reality that it threatens to shatter with the slightest stress. A true skeptic is open to all possibilities and that means never committing to one organization, theory, sponsor, guru, religion, or point of view, regardless of sensorial evidence.

In admitting eyes and ears are deceiving we don't close doors, we open them.

In short, I don't care if you made your ghost story up, so long as it feels real to me, so I get the shivers, the pleasant spine tingle that makes me check the door locks and grab the cat for support. As a man who considers the art of telling ghost stories a sacred rite, I know it's always twice as scary when they feel true. No ghost story is scary if the teller prefaces it with: "I just made this all up, so don't believe it." It's always "this totally happened to a friend of mine's aunt and uncle..." or "in these woods, I heard, not this campsite but on the other side of the lake, so I'm sure we'll be safe." And you can't lock the door at a camp site.

In other words, this idea that it needs to be possibly true, that it may have happened, is what myth is all about. After all, most kids suspect Santa Clause is not really real once they turn three or four, but maybe he is... and maybe is enough for the magic to work, the doubt brings the magic. It's that pretending to believe in him that gets the presents.

I'm into that 'maybe' aspect.  I live for it, and I revile skeptics who take it on themselves to debunk, to make sure it's etched in stone in front of City Hall that there are no ghosts, no Santa, no God. If there's none of these things, what do they care? Would they go to Disney World and make sure the kids know all the pirates and monsters are animatronic mannequins? Would they carry signs "Stop lying to children! Santa isn't real!" Would they make sure everyone at the Louvre knows their precious Rodin sculpture is just a giant hunk of stone?

Don't worry, we'll keep fogging the line between the real, the potentially real, and the maybe. It's all we ever had. If we just remain open to every possibility, we widen the band of our station, until all is revealed as it really is -- potential, expression, rotation, revolution, collapse, and super Nova. And someone telling someone else about it, on a cuneiform tablet, over and over, until we can't be sure if if it really happened or not. And since if it did happen it's terrifying, and if it didn't it's boring, then how perfect.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sunbeams and Airships

(haven't posted on here for awhile so I'm cross-posting an old piece on Aurora and demons I wrote for the C-Section a dozen years ago... enjoy!)

An interesting episode of TV's 'UFO Hunters' described the trouble and 'blocking' Ufologists received at the hands of Aurora, Texas residents when trying to exhume an alleged 100+ year old little Martian body from the local cemetery. The researchers even detected radio active metal under the ground by the grave, which was allegedly removed in the night through some tubing (?) by some agency or local weirdo, so that the next day the detectors detected nothing. All this intrigue made me think of Lovecraft stories like "The Shadow over Innsmouth," wherein the few non-sea monster-hybrid-townsfolk are tight lipped and standoffish to curious visitors, lest they find themselves washed up against the docks the next morning, apparently drowned, their lungs filled with seaweed.

So what non-Lovecraftian elder god's threat reason could the Aurora townsfolk's have for refusing the Ufologists? Is it that the locals are afraid there's some truth to the legend, that hellfire will rain down on the desecrators for their blundering scientific disrespect? Where does disrespect end and legit quest for understanding begin? It's a bit like those old 'tests' to prove witchcraft, like throwing the alleged witch in the lake and if she sank and died, she was innocent. The ufologists want to prove 'the truth' to themselves over all, and to help write a new history of tomorrow with physical evidence. Meanwhile, the evidence is already in and overwhelming if you're willing to accept it, to make the connections. What good is one more smoking gun or man going to do? What's wrong with the smoking gun of Dr. Leir's alien implants? What more do you want?

Another analogy on hand is a recent short film I saw recently on TCM, wherein a journalist is sent to cover a magic act, and ordered to get photos explaining how each trick is done. It doesn't occur to him or his editor that they'd be destroying the magician's livelihood. Who cares? It's the old western compulsion to cut everything open and see how it works, robbing every last corner of the world of its foreboding mystery.

So what does it take to make you/us switch out paradigm to accommodate the truth of extra-terrestrial visitors? Or to let somethings be a mystery? Or to heal the wound between science and supernatural? To stop trying to do the math, to see the ancient astronaut writing on the wall, and stop waiting around for 'how the trick is done'? Imagine the average layman being told that finally, no the earth is not flat like we thought, does he instantly demand evidence? What good would lectures on magnetic fields and revolution matter to an illiterate 17th century servant?

Another last example of the importance of mystery is the spiritualist's use of props and intentional fakery--projections, crystal balls, plastic skulls, etc.--to create real magic, the rift where genuine strangeness may seep through. Or at any rate, its sometimes easier to hear the ugly truth if it comes from Tarot cards and not a 'worried' friend. I'm always using the analogy of a dog trying to understand physics by chewing up a math book. Not only can't the dog understand it that way, but in chewing it up destroys the book that might have illuminated others.

I support the Aurora choice to let their demon stay buried, in other words, rather than let the dogs chew up the math book. And as far as Ufology goes, I understand the need for it, and I feel indebted to researchers and cutting edge thinkers on the subject... but at a certain point each seeker needs to stop searching for more evidence and ask him or herself on an individual basis: how much is enough? What do YOU believe? And in the end, do you really need everyone else to believe it first? Are you afraid to pick a truth and make the jump, to just answer your own multiple choice rather than spying on all your neighbor's papers? In the end, the universe is subjective and, as science gets closer and closer to this realization, science itself begins to disintegrate, so it quickly backs up, like a polar bear on a melting ice floe.

Similarly, the more ufologists bicker over their own hypotheses, the more they  sound like regular bullshit scientists... the ufologist becomes like Uncle Tom in the ghetto of para-science, trying vainly to impress the mainstream by being rigorous and empirical rather than intuitive. But alas, this is one butterfly that can't be pinned to any board, for in examining it clearly one must first through away the pin, the board, the jar, the net, and even one's own two eyes... transcend space and time through meditation, lack of sleep, entheogens, madness, only then can you can get a horrifying (third eye) glimpse of it - the terrible void around which all the spiderweb illusions are spun as bedeviled protection and the only thing that can possibly float us past the mandibles of the Other is love and complete surrender.

How do we know when we have achieved this complete surrender, trust, and universal love? My final metaphor of the evening involves camping in the jungle and waking up in the middle of the night in your tent to find a giant tiger on top of you, licking your cheek. If your knee-jerk automatic response is to scream in terror and try to push it off yourself (who would blame you!?), you will be ripped to shreds, but! If your first waking knee-jerk response is to rub it behind the ears and go "aww pretty kitty" you will gain a fuzzy ally. The tiger is merely responding to your energy. This is something you can't 'fake' - it takes surrender. You might say yeah but what if it still attacks? There's nothing wrong with fighting back, just fight back with love in your heart, respect for this beautiful worthy opponent.

Can you go do the same when moving in your astral body past the demonic gatekeepers of the eternal moment? It's hate and fear that make us dense enough to be eaten. Not even the hungriest of tigers can eat a sunbeam. And that, my friend, is what you are.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Saturn and the Moon Matrix

I'm a big fan of crackpot conspiracy theories and this is the wildest of all, so far. David Icke theorizes that Saturn's rings are a kind of broadcasting antenna for a gigantic gaseous alien intelligence that bounces signals off the moon to hypnotize humanity into entering a digital matrix controlled by the multidimensional reptilian alien conglomerate known as Archons. This connects a bunch of very true dots that don't make sense on their own, if you have a truly inquiring mind. Believing it or not hardly seems relevant. It's so gonzo that its proponents: Icke, Enoch, the Gnostics, Mayans and other ancient astrologers just might be right. Something's going on, that's for sure. And there's no sweeter spot on human culture than myth. It's truer than the truth, even when presented in its fictitious guises.

Monday, June 30, 2014

The New Line of Alien-Human Hybrids - Wilkommen auf der Future!

Reading the myriad paranoid conspiracy theories (Zionist banker cabals, reptilian mind control human sacrifice, etc.) can be dispiriting, but one aspect is safe, fun, and educational: marveling at the ingenious 'familiarization / acclimation' process by which humanity gradually learns to not even notice the presence of certain alien species. Above gathers several alien-ish chicks I've seen lately - the tall blonde from Garfunkel & Oates (soon to be on IFC); Sky Fierra, that one model, and the mom from Orange is the New Black --the hybridization process, my friend. The more we see these exotic girls with the big far apart eyes, the thin blonde or light brown hair, small noses, sharp chin lines, the less we'll notice when  the full-bore aliens walk amongst us. Though why they're even bothering, considering the whole planet's going to be underwater by the time they're all down here, I do not know. But then again, I'm not a Nordic alien, though Nordic blood is within me due to Swedish ancestry.

Viktoria Winge
She's not called 'Sky' for nothing. 
 But here they are - in the media - with their big eyes, spaced so far apart on features of such uncanny perfection that maybe you think, "hmmm - something's a little different" - and paintings or photos of presumed actual Nordic aliens would seem to bear this out. Nordics are the aliens you hope you meet (the only ones, near as I can tell, who are both benevolent and here in the actual flesh - as opposed to the thought transmissions from my own home in the stars, (according to some online quiz), Aldebaran, or was it Arcturus. Either way, I've 'met' though that's hardly the right word, a few of these alleged beings in the ether beyond space and time - some are terrifying but none can get you if you have perfect faith in the power of love to see you through. Sounds corny, but it works - you float right past them. So practice love and letting go of fear every day - you're gonna need it.

I'm of course not saying these beautiful creatures above report to some cosmic control; they probably have no idea of where their genes come from anymore than we do. How do we really know who we are anyway? If you've ever come out of a deep drunken black-out maybe you know what I mean - think back to that strange moment before you come back into your body and begin to assess where you are--how the previous night is 'gone' and you don't know where you are or what's with the big gash in your leg, and who's that creature in your bed? Don't ask, it's only the wind. If you wind up hosting the hybrids, just be open, forthright, honest and true. They can read your mind anyway - they probably know I'm writing about them right now!

Anyway, here are some interesting internet threads on this woven throughout the paranoid web - they all lead back to the beginning, but the whole thing of the aliens speaking German and wearing black uniforms and acting regimented is discussed at Paranoia Magazine (Close Encounters of the Germanic Kind). I appreciate that the author never wavers from a healthy skepticism in reporting the facts and the general theories and reports (on Valiant Thor especially).

Jill, Donn, Valiant Thor - 3 alien visitors
He tried to tell Nixon how to cure all illness but Nixon wisely said no. We need them.
 Click here for more on the Thor

See also: Uma Thurman is from Venus, and Uma Thurman is from Venus part 2 - The Tibetan-Nordic-Timothy Leary-Huldra Connection

Thursday, May 8, 2014

You are Not Ready: Why Morgan Freeman and Stephen Hawking are the Face of UFO Denial.

Watching Morgan Freeman talk about SETI on reruns of his Through the Wormhole show is both sad and mind-blowing, sad because it's like when I used to try and write songs with my left brain buddy, and I'm all right brained, and we couldn't get together. Science can't understand that SETI and space travel is bullshit and what they should have working for them is mystics, trance specialists, psychics, acid heads, and Rick Strassman, Carlos Castaneda. There are people on this planet who can travel to the farthest reaches of space and have contacted plant, alien, and alternate intelligences, and science with its left brain single mindedness can't grasp how this stuff lies so far beyond mathematics and factors and "listening for signals from the stars. " There are other ways we can find out where ET lives.

One guy flashes his reptoid eyes.

Science is important, but so is right-brained intuition, and as long as they're mutually exclusive, we'll be nowhere. I want to see Amazon shamen and DMT trippers working at top pharmaceutical corporations and taking over wings of NASA.

Instead there's so much work and effort to sketch out the elaborate science, from a right brained viewpoint its like watching a nerd at school who thinks he'll get a girlfriend if he can just make the best science fair project, Look Cheryl, I solved a massive physics problem, but she's off in the basement getting it on with the stoners. She's a lot closer to the alien equation than the trillion dollar efforts of these people who cant even count any alien witness testimony - they'll never find it as long as they're not ready to look within. If they do find something, it creates such a flurry the other left-brainers hush it up, defame it, neuter it in terror.

Science is scared of flying saucers, which represent technology far beyond their own. They're masters of their domain--the realm of 'what we do know about the universe'--but they've fooled themselves into thinking it's 'all there is' to know (until they learn more, that is). They don't want to be reminded that not two feet outside their bedroom domain, there be monsters.

Why is the scientist then, so eager to make sure I know it's not the one thing I hope it (against my better judgment) to be? If we consider conventional science's hostility towards the UFO community--the borderline hysteria with which so many academics and sponsored researchers refuse to hear anything about "that nonsense"--we realize they're kind of scared of something.

For example, when people find out I don't drink, used to be in AA, etc, once in awhile someone will come up to me who I barely even know and say, "Hey man, I don't have a problem with drinking!" and I'm like "I never said or thought you did.... but obviously you do." Otherwise, why are you threatened? Why are you so easily provoked by something someone else is, in this case, not doing? Our goal as therapists would be help the scientist discern his hysteric symptom, in this case the fear of even considering the truths of UFO existence--his refusal to visualize the hypothesis of it all being true-- and help the patient gain courage to  face the root of repressed anxiety it obscures.

Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan have both flown on ahead to imagine alien hypotheses suspiciously separate from the general body of modern UFO 'fringe' research and documented experience. They're terrified of looking over the shoulder at the truths reported by average witnesses, because it all fits so perfectly together that it's like solving a giant math problem where, when you reach the answer, the numbers congeal into a tentacle that sucks you into the blackboard.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Reptilian Art Curation Edition 2

Franz Von Stuck - "Sin" - 1893

Reptoid-Illuminati Initiation of Jayne Mansfield - 2013 mixed media collage - Erich Kuersten