Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Reptilian Art Curation Edition 2

Franz Von Stuck - "Sin" - 1893

Reptoid-Illuminati Initiation of Jayne Mansfield - 2013 mixed media collage - Erich Kuersten

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Surrealist Collage Exercises #1-7

 I made these collages via an exquisite corpse style random image grabbing collages over the last few days (though the images are all from my hard drive, many having been snatched and forgotten over the decades. The main rule for my version of this surrealist game is to layer the images however as long as the final image resists easy interpretation and lends to a paranoid-critical collapse of signification (i.e. you can hallucinate things that aren't really there--or are they?--when you stare for a long time). I kept the figures and faces to see if the cult of celebrity and film blogging might be tied in somehow.

The persecution of Mia
Outside Santiago

Scarlet O'Hara under the Alphaville Hanging

Amok Monument

 Sadomasochistic Crest Kiss (portrait of Barbara Crampton)

Monday, March 10, 2014

HOW TO COMMIT EGOCIDE - Life is a a Haunted Carny Attraction (+ Water)


First thing if you are to come with me on this special journey to the other realm, where the ego has been brainwashed into committing suicide so the soul can live unfettered, you must drink water.

      *    Most trips to the emergency room could have been avoided if the ailing person had been drinking water instead of doing whatever they were doing

      *    Drink it down like a sailor drinks the air at sea.

      *  You were a fish once a upon a million years, and so, by law of fractals, will be again.

We hate water, don't we? (applause, laughter) I mean to drink, as it's so dull and unimaginative; we hate it like we hate our own relatives, our own ancient, dissolving saline and water selves in the mirror. Coke is so much better because it's dark and alien, so sweet and strange and exciting. But though Coke starts out as a ride in a stranger's car it ends in the light of the carnival midway as you exit feeling cheated from the super lame haunted house with half the papier mache monster windows unlit, broken, the chicken wire screen torn through by scuzzball vandal children, the shrieks of the damned tinny from a blown speaker cone, fuzzy with radio receptions...

But the reason why we block out the memory of death is the same reason we block out the memory of how dumb and so damn short that haunted 'house' was; two weeks and we remember that ride as a pretty good time; thirty years and it glows with a patina of nostalgia; what was once a cheap papier mache skull behind a mesh screen and surrounded by lights the flicked on and off as you walked past along a moldy plywood tunnel now becomes art distilled. The skull has a symbolic resonance! Ta dum! You see it reflecting in  the blackness of your pupils; you turn suddenly and see it in the form of some dude walking behind you and you wonder if maybe that dude's been behind you your whole life, waiting with the patience of a well-paid chauffeur for you to die, to step out of your current obscenely human form so he may escort you onto the next attraction.

The cool part is you're only pretending to be scared, to fool yourself, to make the movie more exciting. When you can't get around it anymore, dying was something you've really been looking forward to since the day after your birth. You left some unfinished projects back there in the void, and now you can catch up... 

That was what was so cool about the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, it brought out the same feeling that Santa Clause once did. You knew on some deep level there was no Santa but it was fun to believe in him, to exist in the hazy realm of in-between belief and skepticism; so too we learned to fool ourselves into believing the movie really was found tapes from a disappeared filming expedition. This ability to "fool" oneself in order to get more of a "kick" out of the experience is part of what makes life grand. Without it, the images close in so fast and furious we are soon bludgeoned to blindness. We want to rattle at our chains, KONG-like but there are no chains. Chains cost extra.

The Muslim extremist enemy is free of this, free of images and doubt, he wants less, not more. We, on the other hand, want so badly to build him a McDonalds that we'll steal his water and hummus just to force him to try one of these savory burgers. He on the other hand, wants so badly to not eat this burger he blows himself and us-- up.

You have to learn to be your own master, otherwise the minute you earn your freedom yoou fall slave to the first master who comes along, and the first master is invariably alcohol and/or sex.

I call on you reading this now to wake up to reality the way a sleeper awakens from one dream into another. Come on, Sleeping Beauty, Come on, Rip Van Winkle, Come on, Ashley Saint Ives, come sleeping sapling coiled in embryonic seed, come yoga mudra and do the dancing downward dog - pass through veils of perception as clean as a hot knife through cobwebs, gliding and gleaming towards steaming breakfast pancakes of the mind.

 Genius is but well-tempered insanity, channeled through to pen and ink as the sex drive is channeled into capitalism. Score one for our team! But you got to learn to not run to mommy with your A plus for the big dopamine payoff - you got to shoot that shit in yourself, pretty boy. Can't you show Patti Smith nothing but Surrender? The true insanity knows this and entwines its heart with the mysterious, the otherworldly void that is only otherworldly we realize in a flash it is our world, and Iraq was just you all the time, mustaches and nooses, bags on heads and bombs in nurseries, all this was you all the time, and Corporate podiums with insignia-bedecked officials reciting what is spoken into their hidden earpiece by off-screen power brokers; you are the podium, you are the mouth that speaks, the eyes that watch from the presumed safety of the dark, you are the hand that bombs and the hand that heals

A shabby shaman shamus is no stranger to purification rituals, or poison for that matter; a shamnus learns you got to take the good with the bad, man, Dennish Hopper on Roybal, man, but this chick takes it all the time, can you dig that? Okay, I'm losing my train of thought here... put this book down and meditate on the principles of push me and pull you, the llama friends of Dr. Doolittle. Ah HAH! You had forgotten all about them, hadn't you? Hadn't you better? I mean if you haven't already, because they're stupid? Got you again, if you were here I'd slap you right about now. I really mean that, I'd slap the silly out of you, pronto. But you're not here. And now is. Now always is, but you can't slap it. General, you can broil it fry it send it to die in the trenches, but you just can't slap it.

and those who haven't
been in therapy
gets longer every day... longer and longer  - and to stay in therapy is to be like the astronaut who is in space, the Bowman, the Kier Dullea ever reaching for that black obelisk rainbow. To not be in therapy is to live always without borders, to deny borders
as firmly as a mom denies her son the one thing he wants, as firmly as rain is fire's double, as firmly as trouble and lack thereof are one, the illusion of death, transcended at last. All eternity is faced either way, but first we build a nice castle, and put on the lotion, and absorb the baking lessons of great god the sun. Omm Omm Ommm,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Black Hole Hindu Ganesh Ezekiel Connection

Top: Vishnu / Bottom: Richard Burton and alien hybrid - CANDY ('68) - collage by EK
What if
when you die,
transcend time
Just like you do approaching a black hole in space?
Or when you are in deep meditation or have a mind flooded with DMT?

Why would you be bound by time once free of the body and the mind?

Imagine a film where someone is turning their head and lifting their arms, but the images didn't disappear, each film frame overlaps on the next one, so the person looks like they have six arms, or a hundred even, the head duplicates in the same way. Isn't this Ezekiel's angels, and the Hindu deities? Would what if. you would get to experience the effects of the curvature of space-time, predicted by Einstein's general theory of relativity, firsthand.
"First of all, you approach the speed of light as you fall into the black hole. So the faster you move through space, the slower you move through time," he said. 
How you look to others as you approach black hole
"Furthermore, as you fall, there are things that have been falling in front of you that have experienced an even greater 'time dilation' than you have. So if you're able to look forward toward the black hole, you see every object that has fallen into it in the past. And then if you look backwards, you'll be able to see everything that will ever fall into the black hole behind you. 
"So the upshot is, you'll get to see the entire history of that spot in the universe simultaneously," he said, "from the Big Bang all the way into the distant future."

And the same is true of beings encountered in the lands beyond time and space, the third eye dieties that are simultaneously internal and external to the beholder's subconscious (by the laws of the fractal, no real difference). So the visions of people like Ezekiel and Jacob and the ancient Sanskrit writers of Hindustani, who recognized the supreme nondifference between the Tao, the unconscious, and the beings who dwell beyond time, space, and dimensions. They appear as serpents when they come to you, each segment a separate image of the same being, one in front of the other like pages of a book or animation cels.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tom Hanks - The Reptilian Sighting (on American Airlines)

The truth is often right in front of you  or in this case behind the netting on the back of the seat in front of me, giving Tom Hanks on the cover of the in-flight magazine a shadowy reptilian majesty not normally his.

The surrounding darkness and shadow seem to hint this photo was taken on the run - that Hanks couldn't be beholdeneded directly, like the sun - but actually this was one of literally hundreds of shots I took, trying to get him in focus in the plane's Stygian darkness. The very best one in fact. Make of it what you won't.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I have never done ayuhuasca, and would have to get off the meds I'm on before I could ever try it in the future, but I've seen glimpses of these realms via other conveyances, and Totemical is peerless in capturing their uncapturable essence. I'm referring of course to the higher dimensional frequencies of becoming, where 3-D space time is already created yet is being continually breathed into being, and one sees not with eyes but with the soul, through a thousand different points along the axis of the soul, and the soul revolves in a continual orbit around this axis, like a slowly unfurling tendril of a newborn plant, ever opening, ever widening...

For more of this amazing artist's work go to Timewheel.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Disclosure Can Never Happen By its very Definition

There's a fascinating and maybe even true piece over on what's fast becoming my favorite UFO site, ANYTHING UFO which sports the tag line, "Here's the Proof Now You Have to Believe It" - Baby, I do.

From a few months back:
This alleged treaty states that the SSG must provide Complete Disclosure soon or the large alien Grays will allegedly make massive public displays of themselves and their anti-gravity crafts (AGCs) and disclose everything themselves directly to the American people, including the temporary use of the major mass media. 
It has been claimed that a certain prior treaty with the large alien Grays requires complete disclosure of alien presence and technology by a certain date or these aliens will supposedly make large public landings in every major city of the world, guaranteeing a systematic but rapidly developing complete end to secrecy and especially the deep black and beyond black programs previously protected by immediate assassinations
But if I try to imagine full disclosure of the alien presence I confess I start to have a panic attack. I've seen enough episodes of "V" and studied colonialism enough to know how things might easily end up with creatures who are so much more advanced than us strutting around openly. At least now we can PRETEND we're in charge of this mess.

If you think about how the Brits operated back in their heyday. It wasn't about marauding and pillaging like the Huns or the Mongolians, it was about maritime trade. The Brits show up at a less developed country's port, swap some tea, set up a trading post, then they stage an attack on their own citizens at the trading post or on one of their ships in port. So now they need to send in troops and more ships to protect their traders and vessels. Soon they're involved in the country's government, and before you know it they ARE the government. This is how third world countries stay so poor, they have "sponsors" - they don't need to make things - everything is imported from other places. There is no sense of pride or drive because they are so outgunned. As Americans we are extraordinarily lucky. We were the first British colony to ever actually beat them and win our freedom.

I don't think anything drastic will change in our world if disclosure occurs, after an initial freak out on the part of the world, but things will improve: we'll no longer think in terms of nations but of species. Our off-world colonizing can begin in earnest with public use of gravitational manipulation, etc. But with such a seismic sea change, there will be penalties for every bonus. We will go from feeling like the kings of the universe to frightened five year-olds on their first day of kindergarten.

In other words, Disclosure can never "happen" because by happening the very idea of happening will disappear. Becoming and Disappearing, sleeping and waking, being and nonbeing, all these will have to be re-evaluated with a public alien presence. Still, we're as ready as we'll ever be, and we need to start settling other planets fast before we overpopulate this one and choke the life out of it like the vile planetary cancer we've become.

Let's just hope we get the good aliens and not the bad ones. From what I've navigated of the outer realms in my astral voyaging, it's kind of random, like a hotline you call and hope an angel answers instead of a demon. Pray it's the angel. Prayer works. It's proven by Princeton. This is history, Disclosure cannot happen because happen as a verb will become meaningless in the instance of disclosure, maybe may ma ma mmm