"What I'm dealing with is so vast and great that it can't be called the truth. It's above the truth." - Sun Ra

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Four Points of the Future's Compass (Beyond all Opposites)

Sometimes you're astral traveling and you get caught in the net of a laughing evil planet-sized god -- Saturn revolves under you like a giant Medusa head, its mouth a giant roaring equatorial cave of blue and red flame larger than the Eurasian continent. You stay suspended in place, a fixed position above the rotating gas giant, right at the equator, waiting for her gaping maw to be rotate back around under you - at which point she will swallow you up, and you will become merely an endless scream of burning agony. Such terror you've never known. It goes deeper than mere conscious mortal fear of death, or a Christian's fear of Hell. It is a fear so deep your unconscious mind speaks up, for and through you. It's suddenly clearer than it ever was, like a dad whose been slumbering in the back seat during your student driving lesson suddenly leaning forward and taking the wheel. It's like a dream rushing up from the archetypal depths of your mind; almost another being entirely seizes control of your language functions. And--though you are basically lying on the floor in your apartment, or in a lotus position before a candle and incense burner, safe--presumably--at home, your third eye dream has become bigger than reality, to the point that, even if you're sitting there alone, you grow so terrified of an unseen specter you promise it anything. You promise Medusa, that evil Salvia goddess whom the astrologists named Saturn, anything to let you go. You vow to build her temples and--most importantly--to sacrifice animals and virgins and whomever else, in your stead. If you deny her a meal of your soul, you must replace your nutrients with someone else.

You come out of the trance knowing where the idea of human sacrifice got started. There was a time when these unconscious-realm-dwelling deities weren't so hard to access. In the wild terror of the dark primordial night, deranged from hunger and cold, that Medusa mouth was never more than a soggy flint rock or missed spear away. Maybe Jesus saved us from that, said I'll take care of that crazy gorgon, you're with me now. But then human souls find themselves in a tug of war between sides, Medusa ever pulling us away from the light  and vice versa. Slowly though, we're movie forward.

Here's four directions forward that I see will intersect down the line. These four elements are now far away from each other on a four point axis, but will intersect ahead on the time line, like a long pyramid shaped gust.

And what will be the result - Greys. Us. Gravitational wave Surfing, Hive Mind, and so much more:

First, let us look at space travel:

Right now huge projects are preparing to send humans to mars and to colonize the moon for future use as a launch pad for other outer journeys. But in all cases the factor is time - without gravitation wave generation, which seems to be already in the works on some level (as seen in recent episodes of Ancient Aliens and all the other UFO-related programming), we're stuck at the idea of sending humans into small pods for a year or more just to get to Mars.

To conceivably make this less stressful and resource heavy, we should remake ourselves into being free of the need to eat, shit and move around, to not have huge bodies built to fight gravity, able sleep over long time warp distances.

What we would ideally be able to do is remotely inhabit android bodies.

Let's face it: 'cryo-sleep' is not practical and can be dangerous - it's like you're a mummy (is that why the Egyptians did that? They watched their 'gods' do the same thing before heading back home to Orion?) Why not have an 'inhabitable' robot that you can move via remote controls linked directly to your neurons via a computer-style headset?

They are already working in this area with amputees, and so we have our first direction:

Remote-inhabited Bio-bots 

Robotic limb replacement - i.e. arms with hands and fingers moved by impulses from the brain, attached directly into the user's mind or nerves, reacting to thought control (via headband or implant)- essentially using the same 'leftover' parasympathetic nerve response that leads to the 'phantom limb' syndrome.

--Eventual Destination - robotic beings controlled--inhabited, if you will--by human minds, robotic 'virtual' nervous systems (which might be how certain greys get their automated air)

Relative Cinema: 2009's SURROGATES (see:  The Wringer of Ringerhood)
Positing a future where--thanks to a breakthrough in robotics--no one actually goes outside but stays safe at home in little boxes where all their brains and bodies connect with surrogates--basically android/surrogate bodies--out in the 'real' world - thus being able to change one's looks, gender, etc. at will. Alas, this intriguing idea is undercut by the same old "two cops--one with wife problems--investigating a strange murder that draws them into various shadowy corners they never new existed" but along the way all sorts of meta commentaries on the web and (pre-CATFISH) posing in social media as other people, being 'who we want to be' etc.

PREDICTION: In the future we will have just such ringers/surrogates, but they will be all alike--allowing for a more streamlined and--due to ongoing demands for equal rights etc--less offensive and competitive system (when everyone is beautiful, beauty ceases to exist). Hence- ships will come staffed with androids of identical appearance (like the greys), who can be 'inhabited' from off-world by human physiolgical nervous system remotes when needed or desired.

HIVE MIND (by Google) 

HIVE MIND via the prevalence of WIKI, and instant access to the sum total of human knowledge with the speed of thought. At some point the 'cloud' becomes the Akashic Records. When? 10 years? 20?

It's already beginning to happen as rising costs of colleges vs. online education mix with the idea that actually learning and retaining information (via memorizing, etc.) isn't needed due to 'everything' being available online. i.e. the hive mind

Relative Cinema: 1973's ZARDOZ - (See Come and Get Your Yarbles)
The hive mind has its problems here, such as the occasional committer of bad vibes setting the whole group off and leading to exile. The Immortals' whole vibe is one of those 70s theater encounter groups, or any tight-knit acting class or troupe that does little weird everyone vocalizing and waving their arms in unison outcasting or accepting one of their number into the group mind via encounter group touching exercises. 

The addition of neural implants, jacks in the brain, or just smart drugs and cranial stimuli (directed shocks and jolts to activate certain areas of the brain) like the HARP version of electroshock therapy's organic all-encompassing reset button storm. Directed electrical jolts through the brain to decalcify the pineal and harmonic frequencies to attune it to a trans space/time vibratory level. This will help enable the group hive mind and connect us all to a mainframe like Google. A boost of the pareidolia component of vision will enable controlled hallucinations (i.e. projections in the mind's eye of each other when conversing on the web)

Direction North: 

Tachyons as  time travel communication across the GWW (Galaxy-Wide Web)

Time is measured out so that distance is affected by gravitation pulls (and lack thereof) and yet while a star blinks out millions of years ago and we only see it now, might we also not communicate with it and have it 'feel' real, so that the projection of a hive mind thought process beamed our way from Orion's Belt might reach our brain in the form of a dream (via tacyhons!). The being/s inhabiting the grey hive mind may be long dead but still they may control our destiny - this may be what fate is, the equivalent of playing a 4-D version of World of Warcraft with a being who is, technically, dead for billions of years as far as "you're" concerned, trapped as you are on the sticky flypaper conveyer belt of linear space-time.

Relative Cinema: 2014's INTERSTELLAR (see: Space is the Place (All right all right) Sun Ra Vs. Matt McConaughey

Matt floating along various areas of time represented by interlocked bands of card catalog style moments in time - via punching in numbers via books on shelves he can communicate to his daughter - which is not farfetched if you've experienced that dimensionless outside space/time zone of consciousness (hint - you can't get there with a 'you' but you are not you, are you? When you shucker off your 'you' persona, what's left? That's what gets there)

PREDICTION: Impossible (to predict, not to 'happen')

Direction South:
(Disclosure is a Personal Choice)

Our own brains are organic matter and as such depend on other organic matter for maintenance whereas computer chips need no food other than electric current. Once the technological singularity is achieved, we'll be wise to join 'em rather than beat 'em. Technology will no longer be our servant but our partner. We've been working towards it since the dawn of man, just as parents want to instill their values and genes on their progeny so they may in some way live on, so in our toil to create artificial intelligence, a 'sentient' being of our own design. We hope it shall not be snotty and shallow like Frankenstein who found consciousness in lightning to restore dead tissue but never did fathom what consciousness was or is and where it comes from and then ran off in horror as soon as he saw it reflected back at him (worst... parent... ever). This will be the reverse - we will have fathomed and created consciousness. It will be our first true offspring. The next generation.  Was our own human soul tinkered together over timeless aeons in some God/Reptilian -run laboratory?



We will merge our bodies and minds willingly with the AI to become immortal and larger than ourselves. Gradually we will be the best of both worlds as our silicone chips merge with synthetic muscle for a new form of biotech  Our bandwidth will extend into the galaxy enabling us to snapchat with space travelers light years away in real instant time (which technically means time travel due to the great distances). Nanobot technology will repair our bodies as they age and restore neurological connections in the brain - accumulated wisdom without the detriments of old age (senility, etc) will make us gradually godlike. We will be truly ready for cross-galaxial travel, understanding at last the way the Einstein-Rosen bridge must, by definition, transcend time itself. Hence if we will ever cross it, we already have crossed it, long ago.

That's why it seems always that our future self was at work in the distant past, helping us sow the seeds of our future deliverance (even to the point of spreading plagues and inciting war in a vain effort to keep population levels stable).


When communicating across galaxies can be done in an instant--via worm hole/telegraph-style tachyons-- we won't need UFO disclosure for we'll recognize at last the grey alien as the result of all four of these points of the compass now having finally MET.  The artificial shell for our remote inhabitation will be one not bound up by earth gravity but will be constrained by size - hence smaller and lighter in form to make space travel easier (the ideal astronaut is four feet tall and weighs under 90 pounds, not generally burdened with the kind of weighty skeleton needed for fighting gravity on a daily basis, big eyes to see in the dark, able to float and walk through walls.

means ARCHONS 
Finally, we'll know just whose AI we are, for they will come pick us up. Wondering why the bandwidth they've been siphoning off our collective psyches is suddenly dwindling as we use it for ourselves. Maybe they won't be mad, maybe they'll just smile and realize they've helped create their own obsolescence. Time to leave the nest. Will we be as generous when our own AI does the same thing to us? Or will our creators blanche in horror like Dr. Frankenstein or those giant albinos in the ALIEN series, and reach for the Great Flood Mach Deux reset button?


Once we're connected via the internet (widened to hive mind level), controlled remotely, inhabited by far away beings using bodies like remote piloted drones to the extreme, connected to all the universe even backwards or forward in time, via signals saddled to tachyon, augmented by post-technological singularity AI, we'll be ready to visit remote blue planets and start studying the local populations, making sure to hide any electronic tags we use to study their migration, and to wipe their memories clean of our contact to avoid panic and recognition (the collapse of their developing society).

Sound familiar? Disclosure is a choice! Don't let a planet's still-developing population know the truth of your existence, unless you want their progress to stop in favor of blind cargo cult worship Gradually, 200 years or so after your ship departs, they're no longer using the tools you left behind, but worshipping them as relics, making sacrifices and offering prayers to the leftover soda cans and cigarette butts you left, praying for a return of the canned peaches you once shared with them. Then they disappear altogether, like the Easter Islanders. Instead, better to hide yourself until they're ready.

The good papa doesn't rush to steady his infant who's finally learning to walk. He waits until the child can walk over to him before sweeping it off the floor into his heavenly arms. So it is with the obelisk in 2001. So it is with this situation.

This is all dependent on whether we still have a planet in 20 years, but hey - at least this time we can rest assured that we created the flood this time! Progress not perf.....arghhh


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